WTT my dual moded madcatz te for...a hrap3 sa or a dual moded hrap

Here is my dual moded madcatz te stick works on both platform, ps3 and 360. The buttons are seimitsu, joystick are sanwa. Looking to trade this for a hrap3 sa, or sega virtua stick high grade, or a dual moded hrap. Thanks!

Edit, for got to mention the buttons are brand new, just got them from cipher12.com

I can vouch for that :smile: nice work you did with the parts. The seimitsu ps-14-GNC looks really clean on the TE. Good luck with the trade.

Can you post pics of the inside? Also, have you had any issues with the pcb . Like buttons going out or what not?

There’s an hrap3 sa on eBay for 299 w/free shipping.

are those screw fastened buttons or snap ins? curious to how you got that one button on with the joystick frame in the way if your buttons are screw ins.

They’re screw-ins, and you can sand the nut down until it fits under the plate. Then screw the button into the nut. Simple.

There was an issues where the rt button will not work after about 1 hour of play. That problem has been resolved, you gotta make sure the usb cord is not folded inside the storage compartment, make sure it out all the way. Heres one picture of the inside i just took right now.

Just to let you guys know i did not mod this stick ‘shinjn’ did this for me. He also went the extra mile and did the lock switch mod for the start and select button.

Is that a acrylic cover on it or did you paint the stock artwork? I have Hrap Ex modded with six sanwa 30mm obsf and two red 24 sanwa obsf. I also took out the the jlf thats in there cause the one that comes with it has individual wired microswitches and put it a jlf that has the 5 pin harness. Its dual moded with xbox madcatz controller and ps1 controller.

The panel is painted glossy black. Can you send me pictures of your stick? Thanks!

They’re screw-ins. Only on seimitsu screw-ins buttons, you dont have to sand them down.

Ahh cool, thanks. that pic shows it perfect for me. was wondering cause of shinjn’s TE tech review on youtube i couldve sworn he said you needed to sand the nut down on seimitsus just a bit.

i was hung up on what to get , seimitsu or sanwa, cause i needed red buttons but now im def going with those red seimitsus you have.

Damn I want something like that so badly. :[

Just curious, but what toggles between 360/ps3? IMP board? Switch? Diodes?

nice stick, yea i was wondering the same…
IMP, switch or diodes ?

Were you looking for any HRAP, or were you thinking HRAP 2 and on? I was just going to dual-mod my HRAP 1, but it’s a version B so if you’re looking to drop a Seimitsu stick in there it might not work.

…Not that I can officially trade anyway. Just curious.

I’ve got a dual modded HRAP3 that I was gonna stick on eBay. Would you have any interest? It is switch selectable and even has an Art Hong plexi cover so you can easily swap artwork


I have a HRAP EX for xbox 360 that has only been used about 5 times. i could trade that with and throw in say $40 so you can afford to buy a Chulu board to put in it? if you are interested shoot me a PM.

Great seller here. Bought buttons from him and they came lightning quick!

Thanks bud

I assume the buttons I bought came from your
modded bad boy right there? :wink: