WTT: MvC3(360), Deathsmiles LE, Tetris DS and more

As i don’t have a verified paypal account at the moment i’m only looking to trade as i can’t receive money. pictures of any item are available upon request. List will be updated periodically to add new things.

for trade:

MVC3(360): gone

Deathsmiles limited edition: only played once…everything is in excellent condition and it comes with faceplate and OST.

Bioshock 2(360): case was chewed on the top left corner but the game wasn’t affected(effected?)

Tetris DS: case has some sticker residue but the game works just fine. complete.

DragonQuest 6: gone

Street Fighter 2 Turbo(SNES): just the cartridge…label is in good condition(no rips or tears). worked fine the last time i played it(around 3 months ago) but i will put it up as-is since i can’t test it.

2 Zelda: Phantom Hourglass limited edition cel art prints. still in original packaging

10+ Super Mario Galaxy commemorative launch coins. still in original packaging

All I’m really looking for at the moment are HRAP EX, HRAP EX-SE or an HRAP VX SA. basically any hori stick for the 360, DS RPG’s and ps1 rpg’s…will listen to any offers on any of these items so feel free to PM me.

If you have a hori stick and would like to do a partial trade/cash I can also do that as I can send money over paypal via prepaid visa. Thanks for reading!

can you please post pics of Deathsmiles & Tetris DS?

pm’d you pictures, sir…sorry for the crappy quality but it’s all i’m working with at the moment :confused:

also jojos<3

Too bad you can’t accept money. Id like to get that MvC3 from you.

derp, i need to remove it anyway as it’s gone. thanks for reminding me lol