WTT: HRAP Premium VLX for HRAP3:SE (PS3)

Like the title says! I’m looking to trade my mint condition HRAP Premium VLX (PS3) w/ box for a mint condition HRAP3:SE w/ box! Please post here if you have one to trade! Thanks!! :bgrin:

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Thanks for looking! :tup:

Why don’t you just buy one of these and change the buttons?

Amazon.com: PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA: Video Games

(and yes, I knoiw it’s out of stock but it’s certainly easier to find than that special edition)

I already have that one. I would like to have one of each. :wgrin:

Bump. Still looking! :wink:

Sent you a message.

Replied. Thanks! :wgrin: