WTT/FS: Misc (Portal Shirt, Pinnacle USB Capture Card, High Box, misc.games)

All items come from a non-smoking / no pets house. I live alone aka, no kids running around to break things. I’m open to better bargains on any of my prices.


Castlevania: LOS - $25 shipped (Second copy)

Portal T-Shirt: Size L. Never worn. Selling because I got it from somebody and I don’t get the reference…
$10 shipped.

Xbox DoA Stick - “X” logo on the dashboard button came off, but the button / stick work fine. All stock parts. $30 shipped + free shipping on any other games ($3 off per game)

Basic GE Brand computer speakers - $6 shipped

Highbox - Lets you use your PS2 / other systems on a computer monitor. It’s the reason I have those GE speakers too. Includes VGA cable and multi-system component cable (PS2, XBOX, GC) - $35 shipped

Highbox+Speakers - $37 shipped

Pinnacle Dazzle capture card. USB.
Used twice, makes quality video, but it’s not HD. Comes with 3 discs, all software and serial numbers. Model is DVC100, and it’s the red one. $30 shipped

Castlevania LoS: $25 shipped (Sold Locally)
**Soul Calibur **4: $13 shipped (Pic below) (traded and shipped)
Bayonetta: $10 shipped (Shipped)
Behringer Eurorack UB802 - $20 shipped (Shipped)
Odin Sphere, non GH - $10 shipped (Shipped)
MGS Complete Black Label: $10 shipped (Shipped)
FF8 Complete, Black Label: $10 shipped (Shipped)
Chrono Chross, Black Label: $10 shipped (Shipped)
SNES: 2 tone console with composite cables. 2 controllers. Comes with Mario World.
FLAWS: nick in the corner of the console; both pads work, but one has it’s cord pulled a bit and the other has a loose piece inside.
$35 shipped + free shipping on any other games ($3 off per game) (Shipped)
Darkstalkers Shirt - Worn once, washed once without bleach. Bought from Hot Topic. Large. $8 shipped. Selling it because white looks stupid on me.
(Pic below) (Shipped)

More to come, I’m pretty sure of it.


Darkstalkers shirts :smiley:

pm sent

Added pic / new items.

I’ll take the shirt, assuming the other deal falls throguh.

PM sent.

Panda Paid.

kylednotm - working out a trade - SC4 for GoW Collection
donillmatix - bought FF8 on receipt of picture. :slight_smile:

Yo, the Bayonetta and MGS come with case and manual? If so, PM details and I’ll paypal u asap.

I’ll give you full pics when I get home.

I made a thread with this same stuff in a month ago, and it died… now it goes crazy. wtf!?

Oh well, yeah, I’ll take pics of EVERYTHING when I’m home.

Till then, hold tight. :slight_smile:

Pics have been added.

Hey everybody, I’ll be shipping out on Saturdays since I don’t have access to a PO during the day.

payment sent for Odin Sphere

Update and all sold items.

Got any xlr mics to go with that behringer? Looking at getting that along with the SNES, let me know if you can do a discount or sell mics to go with it

I’ve zero mics. Sorry

Updated + added a Portal TShirt

Everybody’s been shipped

So, Soul Calibur IV and the Darkstalkers shirts should have shipped by now. Can I get an update you two?

The trackers I gave you both say “delivered”, but I’d like to make sure.

Everything has been shipped.

3 games to Eidrian should be delivered today.
FF8 to Don had a problem. Let me know what’s up.

everything else has been delivered.

SCIV received. Thanks!