WTT: Fightstick TE round 1 with mvc2 top or regular for HRAP on 360

Hey guys I’m looking to trade my fightstick TE round 1 with either a MVC2 TE top or the regular TE top for the newest HRAP that is out on 360. Might concider an older one if its in good condition and has good components. Will come with all original stuff can possibly give you buttons if I have the colors you want etc, otherwise just the original buttons should be good if you don’t care. Original box in great condition, everything like brand new. I use a different TE stick to play with regularly so it doesn’t get used.

If you can show me a picture of your hrap if its customized etc that would be great. Mostly want a hrap because of the start and back buttons on TOP of the stick instead of the back.

I’ve never traded on here before but don’t let that scare you off haha, Im a News Editor and Reviewer for a popular gaming website named Kombo.com so I definitely wouldn’t be scamming people as I have a reputation to uphold :slight_smile: feel free to e-mail me at caseyjones@kombo.com for confirmation and to discuss the trade or just reply here. Either works, Thanks for your time.

i sent you an email about a HRAP EX SE. I am located in Davis, CA btw