WTT: B15SDM Rufus Stick (Looking for a high end 4G phone)


Exact model as the video listed above. It works for 360/PS3/PC. Looks beautiful in person, I hate to give this up but I’m satisfied with the amount of sticks I have and I’m looking to trade this stick for a higher end phone. Depending on the phone/condition, we can negotiate the difference. I’m on T-MOBILE right now so the Galaxy S3/Note II are two phones I’m looking at in particular. Also the iPhone5. As far as the Rufus stick goes, it works flawlessly but there is a slight ding on the back left side of the stick. I’ll post the picture of it once I get the time but other than that, the stick works perfect and no other problems.

PM me if you’re interested. Could end up selling this later to help pay for the phone but I prefer trades at the moment.