WTT: 6 light blue, dark blue, or violet sanwa OBSF-30s for 6 Red ones

I have some light blue, dark blue, and violet sanwa OBSF-30s and looking to trade for some red ones (light and dark blues are brand new never used, violets are very lightly used). Would like to trade for new as well, but I’ll take used as long as they’re still in ‘like-new’ condition, no scratches or marks.

I have 6 light blue, 6 violet, and 8 dark blue. I’ll trade any combination of these colors- 6 for 6 reds, or 8 for 8 reds.

bump. Anyone know how I can change the title to add the violet buttons?

no way man

U dont know how to change ur main title its easy

Edit: click edit, then click GO advanced buttons go u there should be ur main title to change.

Go to Edit then advanced.

thanks guys, I didn’t realize I had to go advanced for that… my bad

also have D. Blue, White, and Red Meshball Sanwa balltops, a few dark hai, and some white obsf-30’s to put on the table for possible trade.

what u looking for trade manman

dont know if I am allowed to trade yet but if I am a friend is giving me his 2 red buttons would trade it for your light blue if I can…

You can only buy, sorry buddy.

It’s in the original post. I list the OBSF-30 button colors I have, and I’m looking to trade some combination of 6 or 8 of those colors for 6 or 8 Red ones (and only red, not vermillion or anything). Sorry unknown- not looking to piece it together with smaller trades really- even if you could. Just want a straight 6/6 or 8/8 trade.

I listed the few other colors and balltops I had just in case- if someone wants to make a deal involving those we might be able to work something out- but like I said all I’m looking for is 6 or 8 Red OBSF-30s.

bumping again…nobody out there has any red OBSF’s to trade? :frowning:

Just realized I also have 6 black/dark-hai buttons to add to the list of button colors I have for trade too.

I have eight red OBSFs, but I’ve been using them for about 9 months now. They are still functional but the guy who modded my stick tinned the tips of the contacts and bent them at an angle to fit into the stick.

It’s not a fair trade, and if you find anyone else with red OBSFs for trade you’re probably better off going with them (to be honest), but if you’re really desperate I’m willing to trade you for Dark Hai buttons.

hmm, thanks for the heads up… yeah, I’m l looking for some pretty clean relatively new ones, not bent or soldered to or anything like that. I will keep your offer in mind if I can’t find anything though.