WTT: 360 TE dual mod for 360 SE+MOD+$$

WTT: 360 TE dual mod for 360 SE+MOD+$$
must have sanwa internals.

switching cause i noticed TEs have far more room for hand adjustment than cabs. i’m not getting executions down right on cabs cause i’m used to the TE and found out that SEs actually do me better with a tighter position. PROTIP: test this out for yourself, i’m not going to lie. it’s that much of a difference.

let me know

PM sent

PM Sent


just FYI, i ask that you’re near me cause i’m not down to ship stuff out. secondly, the only mod i require are all sanwa parts, preferably in the same color scheme. third, let me know how much $$ you are willing to give. i do dual-mods for practically all socal people so i dont need a dual-mod one.

dam every one in socal

Yes, everyone around me got their stuff Dual Mod by Tu.
He is very super close to me.

I do things myself, so it’s jazz.
I only see psychedelicbeat play SFIV is all.