WTS Xbox 360 tournament edition arcade stick with xtras

Used Xbox 360 tournament edition arcade stick SF4.
Despite a couple of swirls on the plexi the stick is in perfect condition. I used it for a month with MvC2 and i havent played it since i destroyed everyone and they dont like to play me anymore lol.
I will also throw in 3 red, 3 purple sanwa buttons and one blue ball top and a purple ball top, all sanwa
80.00 plus 20 for shipping.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to put a price for what you are selling.

what do you mean by swirls?

I think he means from hand/fabric rubbing on the faceplate it leaves little microscopic scratches. They’re pretty much an inevitability with any stick.

oh, that clears it up

yeah the swirls are similar to the ones you see on a cd, theyre very small and only noticable when the light is reflecting off the surface. theyre inevitable alright.
I didnt realize i didnt post an asking price, stupid me.
I’ll take 80+S/H and that includes all the free goodies i can scrap together, which will be quite a few.
If i dont sell in a few days i will throw it up on the bay. thanks for reading my post :slight_smile:

anyone interested?

you still fail to put a price on your stick

its right there

Try putting it in the OP.

Still avail. I forgot about selling it, ill part with it for 80.00 plus shipping, and that includes the original box, and some misc sanwa buttons and parts. paypal only

Pics will help.

will upload some pics asap

Anyway you’ll just part with some/all of the buttons? How many are there?

buttons are 3 red, 3 purple, one blue ball top and a purple ball top, all sanwa

Pics? Price?

heres the pics! Still avail, had a local buyer but he couldnt get a ride, told him it was being sold online too, first post of ill take it, takes it :slight_smile: 80.00 plus 20 for shipping






I’ll take it as long as it doesn’t have that thing where a button(usually RH) turns off in the middle of your games. Also where are you shipping it from and how? payment methods? PM me

paypal is the payment method i accept

still avail