WTS Xbox 360 FF TE

barely used(my roommate bought it at PAX, tried out Vanilla & couldn’t get the hang of it. It’s been sitting in it’s box for over 18 months). Headset adapter hasn’t been used. Joystick & box are pristine. #557/#650. $225+shipping(paypal only)… US only(unless someone overseas wants to pay some crazy shipping).
FF TE Box - See this image on Photobucket.

interested! pm’d

responded & e-mailed pics.

sale pending.

buyer backed out & it’s up for sale again.

pm sent

pm responded.

I just e-mailed you the pics.

Can I get pics too?

Pics sent.

responded to PMs.

Is it still available?

yes it is.

would like to see pics. could you just post them in this thread? use tinypic.com if you don’t know where to upload them.

responded to pm.

added pics(finally). :stuck_out_tongue: