WTS: Xbox 360 Custom Happ Stick,parts Happ P360 and Concave buttons

I have a custom Happ Stick for sale for the 360 it has QD’s so you can easily change the buttons or the stick if you want. The only problem is you would have to take the Happ Stick out and rebuild it to get it to work because I screwed up somewhere when I replaced the original art and put the Gill art.

The Qd’s and rewiring was done by

Other than that it has no issues with it.

It’s $70 plus shipping

I also have some 8 used Happ Concave Buttons that I pulled out of a custom Ps2 stick and a Happ P360 stick that was used by a friend but he heavily screwed the buttom of it I’m not sure if it works but most likely it didn’t effect anything.

Buttons $5 plus shipping On Hold
Happ P360 $7 plus shipping On Hold

I also have a sealed copy of PGR4 for the 360 for $7


If the buyer falls through on the Happ buttons, i’ll take them.

if the buyer falls through on the p360 stick ill take em

Are you looking for trades for the HAPP stick, also are you selling just the case+buttons?

It’s everything in the picture PCB, case,stick,and buttons I was looking to sell it because I have too many sticks for the 360 and I need a Sanwa stick for the PS3.

Interested in a SF4 Standard Edition stick with 6x Sanwa + sanwa JLF?