WTS: Xbox 360 Custom $170 shipped

Last time the payment didn’t go through so I held it for a while before putting it back up for sale.

The shipping only applies within the US. If you’re an international buyer, please let me know.

This is the Chun Li stick I have in my custom sticks thread. It is a oak stained popular case with a polyurethane finish. It contains full sanwa and one 24mm blue/clear seimitsu for guide. It uses a 4716 PCB, terminal strips and .187 quick disconnects so parts are easily interchangable. Immediate payment is now required after my last experience.

Please PM me for more details.




Wow can you take anymore shots at me?? Sorry shit happened in my life that I can’t control. Jerk :sad:

It doesn’t seem to me he is taking anyshots at anyone. He jsut seems precatious because of previous bad experience. Perfectly normal, and not offensive in anyway. Looks more like guilt is killing you and making you paranoid.

BTW: Beautiful stick. =)

He’s speaking of me and I had a family emergency come up so I couldn’t buy it then, but whatever. Good luck with the sell.

Lol that was not my intention. I didn’t mention any specifics. Sorry if it seemed that way.

Sometimes people wonder when an item is up for sale for a while, goes down for a long time, then comes back up. I don’t think he meant anything by it, just letting people know.

By neg reppin them??

Oh, that probably wasn’t LuckyDay. Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:


Nice stick. Hope someone goes through this time. GL.

Stick is taken, please close.