WTS XBOX 360 Accessories

My 360 got the RROD so I’m selling the accessories in order to try and get another one…

All parts are Official XBOX off of a Launch XBOX 360 Premium Console…

Power Brick, with Both Cords Looking to get 35 shipped for this… (It’s Heavy)

A/V Cords 12 Shipped

20gb Hdd 40$ Shipped

Official Controller Cordless 30$ Shipped.

Original Gears of War FacePlate 10$ Shipped

Official Headset (Never used, still in official bag) 12$ Shipped

If these Prices are high, Send me a PM and we can work on it. I looked at Ebay and lowered things a bit.

Help me get a new 360!


What kind of X360 is it? Crazy as it may sound, my friend’s looking for an RRoD’d X360 so that I can help him repair it to working condition.


3 year RROD warrenty incase you didnt know…as long as you havent opened it and its with in the 3 year manufacted date. Also worth a shot just to call and see what MS says about it…they might have you send it in anyway.

Yeah, and they’ll replace them after 3 years if you bug them enough.


All, Thanks for the advice on getting it fixed, but this one has been opened as my buddy already tried fixing it for me, also, I want the newer arcade model with HDMI on it.

Thanks again, No one interested in any of the parts??

I guess not imo
I would get it fixed thru MS
I have heard stories of ppl that have opened them and MS still accepting them
Its worth a try and with the refurb model u get back that would be a much better sale towards a new 360

They’ll still accept it as long as you don’t tell them it’s opened.

And they’ll send you one with an HDMI, because they all have them now.