WTS: www.MadelikeAnArcade.com Custom Acrylic Cases and 360/PS3 Arcade Sticks

All of our cases are made out of plexiglass(acrylic) and are made for either a Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32-01(S-mounting plate required) and Sanwa threaded buttons(OBSN) or Seimitsu Threaded Buttons. You also have the option of having the corners rounded and polished(for free). Our cases are $70 and we also offer complete arcade sticks.

Complete Xbox 360 Arcade Stick(Madcatz 4716 PCB) - $210.

Complete PS3 Arcade Stick(Cthuhlu PCB) - $225.

Complete Dual Modded Stick(360/PS3) - $260.

All of our Products can be purchased at our website - www.madelikeanarcade.com

Later this week we’ll have some new things on the site including: Painted cases, Led mods, and joystick mods for various arcade sticks.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me here or shoot an email to info@madelikeanarcade.com .





If your case is $70, you are saying installing a PCB and buttons is worth $140 -170 dollars? Not sure what the going rate is now, but that seems kinda steep.

Man these sticks look tight.

Tight like a pair of '70s Burt Reynolds Wranglers

Nice stuff. Good luck selling em, reasonable price.

best quote ever!