WTS/WTT: Xbox 360, PS2, PS1, Game Cube and DS Games *Prices Reduced, New Games Added*

Hello, everyone, my Xbox 360 died RROD (System Failure) and now i got a bunch of 360 games that i dont use anymore so i thought about selling or trade them here. the games are used but in good working condition they all have cover and the booklet. here is the price list shipped, US only and im only accept Paypal.

Updated: PS2, PS1, Game Cube, games Added.

Also Open for Trades and Offers

Xbox 360 Games Shipped

Gears of war $28
GRAW 2 $19
GRAW $15
TMNT $15
Tomb Raider Anniversary $21
Transformers $21
Oblivion Colector’s Edition $22
360 headset $13
Condemned $15
Prey **$10 **the case is broken at the bottom
Rainbow Six Vegas $20

Nintendo DS Games Shipped

New Mario $22
Metroid Hunter $21
Advanced War DS $22
Animal Crossing DS $17

Original Xbox

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Xbox, CD Only) $59 OBO
Capcom Vs SNK 2 (xbox) $27 (No booklet)
Halo 2 Colector’s Edition $13
Crimson Skies $8
Halo 1 (no booklet) $10
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 3 $11
Star Wars Clone Wars and Tetris world $12
The Warriors $8
Ghost Recon Summit Strike (CD Only) $8
Counter Strike (no Booklet) $8
Full Spectum Warriors Ten Hammers $10
The Punisher $11
Ghost Recon 2 $9
Bard’s Tale (no booklet) $7
Thirteen XIII $8
Rainbow Six 3 $10

**Spring Cleaning, Im also selling all my collection of Video Games, i dont play them anyways, and i need some cash. **

PS2, Game Cube and Ps1 Games, some of them are used but in mint condition and some are used in playable condition with a few scratches all games come with case and booklet

PS2 Games

Ghost Recon 2 $9
Mortal Kombat Deception $14
Prince of Persia 3 (CD Only) $9
Socom colection 1,2,3 (S1 no booklet) $27
Final fantasy 11 $8
Splinter cell $8
Metal Gear Solid 2 $9 Lowered
Battlefield 2 modern combat $11
Splinter cell 3 Chaos Theory $10
Fantastic 4 $9
Time Crisis 3 no guncun $12
Dead to Rights (no booklet) $8
Full Spectrum Warriors (no booklet) $8
Hitman 2 (CD Only) $8
Also Street Fighter Anniversay Colection, I cant find this game, when i found it ill post price.

Game Cube Games
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes $22

PS1 Games
Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Super Heroes (CD Only) ** $49**
Street Fighter Alpha 3 $25
Megaman X 5 $8
Final Fantasy anthology (CD only) $8
Final Fantasy 8 $10
Final Fantasy 9 **$10 ** Sold
Rpg Maker (guys please dont laugh) **$17 **OBO
Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut **$17 **OBO case is broken
Street Fighter 3rd Strike sountracks (CD Only ) $7 NEW

I already have the Pelican Adapter **So im just looking for a PS2 Sanwa Custom made Joystick **(Owner should be willing to change the Overlay pic in case that i dont like it, but if i like it is ok.)

I still got more Xbox and Game Cube games, and some more stuff i will post them later.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking.

Microsoft extended warranties for rrod for 3 years. Register your serial number on xbox.com and go though the procedure there. They’ll send you a box you can send your dead system in and then after about 3 weeks or a month you get a new one fixed.

Just in case you didn’t know and would still want to keep playing your 360 games.

I know that, i had 1 year warranty with GameStop, and i traded for a PS3. and no i dont want to keep them because i dont want to get another one, its been 5 already(They all died the same way), u see what i mean?

would you do 15 shipped for oblivion?
Do you have any of the controllers that your willing to sell and/or the dead Xboxs? Also I’m interested in your old xbox and ps2 games.

Not, $15 but i can go to $20 shipped, and yes, i do have a wireless controller( i didnt post the controller because the “B” button is not very good, it works though, but the button doesnt fell, like the other ones, i dont know if you know what i mean) , and i also got the charger kit. and about the xbox and ps2 games i will PM you later with the names and then you let me know what you need and we can work something out, is that ok with you? thank for looking.

Would you do 18 for Oblivion because thats about all I have in my paypal and it take like two weeks for me to get my cash could? Also yea I still would like a price on the controller but could I pay for that in money order?

Bumped, more stuff added.

Would you do $5 shipped for Final Fantasy Anthology?

I’ll take FF9.

Bump, more stuff added.

pm sent

Pm, returned.

Bump, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Xbox, CD Only) added, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (PS2, no booklet) coming soon.

also on the metal gear solid 2 game you might want to bring down that price as you can get all the MGS games for 30 bucks now

Mcginnis’ item shipped this morning 3/24/08, thanks.

Mr. Michael, your item was shipped today 3/25/08, thanks.

See quote.

Sorry dude i cant.

Bumped Price reduced, and games added, more in the way, thanks

Bump, Price reduced once again across all the games, including Marvel Vs Capcom 1 and 2 and Capcom Vs SNK 2 for the xbox, and I already got the Pelican Adapter, so i Just want to trade for A Custom DS PCB Joystick, thanks.