WTS/WTT: Video Game T-Shirts

Up for sale or trade, are two video game t-shirts and one movie t-shirt that I won off a radio show. They were never worn since they don’t fit me. All of these t-shirts are size L.

EDIT: On a side note, I don’t sell to different countries since I don’t want to handle that kind of shipping.

First one is a signed X-Blades shirt, I believe signed by two of the devs. I’m selling this for $20 shipped.

Second one is a Red Faction: Guerilla Tactics shirt. Nothing on the back, but a logo on the shoulder that says the title. I’m selling this for $12 shipped.


I’m also taking trades. Not looking for any other shirts, but perhaps 360 games, or any random stuff you’re willing to trade. PM me with details, questions or offers.

Last one is a movie t-shirt, from the S.Darko movie. On the back it says in plain white letters, “See it through her eyes. S. Darko. A Donny Darko Tale. On DVD Spring 2009” Selling for $10 shipped.

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Thumbnail links to the actual full size pictures. That’s what he’s asking for.

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Prices updated.