WTS/WTT: Unopened GBA Micro Famicon Edition and NGPC Bundle

<b>GBA MICRO</b> - $500 shipped in the USA, OBO<br><br>http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p445/neferio/panel/12656190_10153589001922663_93058631_o_zps5cprpikn.jpg<br><br><b>NeoGeo Pocket Color with games</b> - $275 shipped in USA, Great condition, clear screen, OBO<br><br>http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p445/neferio/panel/12636834_10153590995917663_354200257_o_zpssjyxzess.jpg<br><br><b>list of games</b> -<br><ol><li>neo turf masters </li><li>samurai showdown 2 NGP color </li><li>nero tur masters NGP color </li><li>gal fighters NGP color </li><li>king of fighters r2 NGP color </li><li>king of fighters r2 NGP color </li><li>fatal fury contact NGP color </li><li>fatal fury contact 8.50</li><li>faseleii rare US version http://www.ign.com/articles/2000/07/01/faselei</li><li>puzzle link 2 </li><li>dive alert matts version</li><li>pacman</li><li>metal slug first mission NGP color </li><li>pocket tennis color </li><li>sonic the hedgehog pocket adventure </li><li>puzzle link NGP color </li></ol><br><br>

bump for tons of items and pictures added.

what year EVO dvds do you have

07 and 08

would you be willing to negotiate the mas stick?

yes pm me


got pics of the Udon SF Comic Set?

lol yea its the ones already up under the spoiler. ryu and ken covers.


capcom vs snk 2 sold

added items, cleaned up/ updated list.

Curious, what system was CVS2 sold on? And how much?

ps2. 25

Snes and Gantz Sold.



infinite space sold

Can I get a pic of the Mas?

yes there are several pics under the spoiler tag.