WTS/WTT: Street Fighter Ultimate Edition Collection - RARE!

$300.00 shipped. slighty used. still in terrific condition. no ripped pages.

i’m also looking for a brand new and badass arcade stick that can be used on ps3 (and xbox 360 if possible). i’m talking flawless. i want the thing to be really hooked up. if you think you can make one worthy of my book, let me know.

full full pictures of the corners, please

bump. price lowered to $300.00 shipped.

Good luck… I wonder if I should sell mine and my hardcover ones…

Hopefully I’m not the only clueless one here; I’m curious, what is this exactly?

Looks to be the entire Udon comics series.

I dont understand why its being offered for so high? Isnt this the same book?


i’m positive that the store doesn’t have that in stock. look on ebay and amazon.

thread poisoning is against the rules, :arazz: