WTS/WTT: RARE Sega HSS-0130 with NEW 2-Player Blast City Panel **SOLD**

This is a mint condition HSS-0130. I purchased the complete, brand new Blast City panel from Japan a few months ago. This has less than 5 hours of use and is compatible with Xbox 360 and PC. Back and Guide buttons located on the back (start is wired to the actual start buttons on the panel). The panel itself has JLFs and OBSF-RGs. It came as you see it assembled from Sanwa with shaft covers and all. I haven’t changed anything on it. Comes with original Blast City harness (unused) and all HSS-0130 inserts.

I honestly thought I would never sell this after all I had invested in it, but family comes first. Asking $520 shipped to US 48, but I am welcoming all offers. Also willing to do trade + cash for a HRAP EX (for xbox 360), EX-SA, or EX-SE. I need to sell this asap.



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I personally can’t afford this sexy piece of hardware, but mdsfx, I seriously wish you luck on the sale. These Sega Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130s are just plain old incredible and there’s a lot of demand for these things. I hope this thing reaches a good owner soon!

Thanks, I appreciate that. Hopefully the next owner will baby it like I have!

Update: willing to do cash+trade

this is one of the most sexy stick i have ever seen, thats the closest you can get to have a Candy cab without having one.

what kinda cash plus trade??? bump for awesomeness … why did all you HSS-0130 owners have to sell when I dont have funds ready to blow … lol

Depends on the stick being traded. Maybe $400 and a HRAP EX. Something like that anyway.

you should pm markman he might be interested but idk this stick is tight

Bump. Whatever you are going through must be hard on you. To have to part with this is hard…

ive got an hrap 3 sa mint pm me.

edit: just noticed you wanted it for the 360. sorry.(ive got a 360 PCB)

PM sent

Price Bump

Awaiting responses from protomanSTi and Masturfader before anyone else

SOLD to the lucky Masturfader. Enjoy.

ah shxxxxxxxxxt damnit I just checked srk again right now. Grats Mastur.