WTS/WTT: PRICE DROPS! (360) Modern Warfare 2, Modded EX2 all Sanwa w/ octo restrictor

Thought I’d put some stuff up since it’s a new year with possible new members. I don’t know if they’re bringing back the itrader feedback but I had 20 or so before the update and I think I’m still in the user feedback from previous sales. All prices are shipped within the US.



**Everything is in working order including the mic port.

Xbox 360 Games
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Gears of War 2

Xbox 360 Accessories
Official Wired Control - $25 (barely used; was used with a xconverter360 just for my hrap2.)
Black rechargeable battery and charger


Wiimote w/ nunchuk

Crimson Sea 2
King of fighters XI
Xenosaga II - New (sealed)

PS2 Accessories
3x Ps2 official dual shock controllers (blue, teal, black)
2x Ps2 official 8mb memory cards

Parasite Eve Mint
2x Psone official memory cards

Gamecube System (platinum), hook ups, no controls.
Gamecube Platinum controller

Game Guides
Parasite Eve guide w/ poster
Zelda: Windwaker
Resident Evil 2

Anime- ALL dvds are Region 1 and in mint no scratch condition.
Agent Aika - $15
Cowboy Bebop The Movie - $7
Iria 3 Disc Set - $25
Najica Blitz (new panties included):razzy: - $20

Take all Anime dvds for $35 shipped.

PSP Logitech Carrying Case (used) - $15

Samsung 19" Monitor, no dead or stuck pixels. Here are the stats for it


$110 shipped

For trades I’m looking for an hrap2, new 360 games such as MW2 and a xconverter360 adapter or pelican adapter but I’m open to just about anything 'cept american layout sticks. Everything is up for negotiation.

prices include shipping correct maybe we can do some more business :slight_smile:

yea, ALL shipped.

Alright pming now

halo1-2 and gears 1 sold!

bump, new prices and new bundle prices.

will take the follwoing

Xbox 360 Accessories
Black Wireless Control w/ rechargeable battery pack - $25

Mario Kart Double Dash-$15
Resident Evil 4-$10
Super Smash Melee-$12
Zelda: Twilight Princess -$22

Take all 4 GC games for $30 shipped.

replied and put those things on hold till you get back to me.

added gamecube system

just got a new controller to play smash but ended up finding my old one so I put the new control up for grabs.

bump. Nothing is pending atm, the last guy apparently backed out since he never payed. Slight price reductions as well.

black wireless control and ODST are gone. Added 360 VGA cable which is pending in.

gamecube games are sold.

just to chim in with a free bump got all my games in 2 days great seller

glad to hear it and glad the itrader is back.

conker, $40 gc, and guitar hero 2 are sold! I have CODMW2 coming in a few days.

added a wired 360 control.

added a samsung monitor and minor price reductions

bump. price drops

bump, probably my last price drop on CODmw2 before taking it to fleabay.