WTS/WTT Nintendo Wii for stick or cash

My arcade stick finally bit the dust after a big session of GG so im in need of a new stick. I have a launch Wii for sale/trade thats has a bunch of Virtual Console games such as Mario 64, Super Mario World, Mario Kart 64. It also comes with Wii sports but no Wiimotes or nuanchuck. Will trade for almost any PS2 and maybe even a 360 stick. Would like to deal local but I will ship anywhere in the U.S. So I will let it go $150 shipped. Can add pics if need be.


i have a modded agetec with a psx pcb and blue sanwa screwins and a jlf
wired to

[] /_\ R1
X O R2

and i have a start button
all hooked up via qd’s
i can wire up a select and have L1 on a QD just incase you wanna switch for converters.

EDIT: i’ll have pics later
but i can get the money anyways i mean 150 would buy you a HRAP

pm sent

pm’d everyone who replied so far.

as i stated


how can you get dibs on something that i responded to first?

Pics added.

haha true.

forgiveaness pwease! damn and i was probbly only a few seconds late 2 haha

hey, I want this shit.

I have a shnazzy zelda custom stick. I’ll send you pics in a bit okay.

I can build you a full stick, so you decide everything, with DS1 PCB, Sanwa etc, I will guarantee you a slot, etc, though I am finishing some orders atm. I have good feedback, and built sticks for everyone, check my thread. Please let me know :wink:

on hold for rosales786

The wii has been traded to rosales786.

fuck wish i had seen this sooner i have a mas stick that i only used like 4times that i replaced all the buttons and stick and put a ps1 ds pcb in
that i would have loved to trade for a wii

And too think, i would of given you a brand new finkle stick for your wii.