WTS/WTT: Gamecubes and Wavebirds interest check

Hi all, I just came into a bunch of Black, Indigo, and Platinum Gamecubes and i’m looking to unload them all cheep.

-Gamecubes (no cords):
-$5 (may have a few scuffs/scrapes/adhesive residue) $5 shipping $10 shipped.
For example:

-$10 (great shape). $5 shipping. $15 shipped.
For example:


-Gamecube bundle: System (color optional) all hookups w/Gameboy Advance Player (disc included of course) and 2 Wavebirds controllers (color optional) Mario Kart Double Dash game (no manual).
All Great Condition. $60 Shipped.
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None of the Wavebirds come with receivers: I can sell you a receiver on request if you really need one but I’m trying to hold on to as many as I can for myself :P.

-Platinum Wavebird (no battery cover) $5 dollars shipped:

-Grey Wavebird (no battery cover) **$5 shipped:
-The other 2 are grey and are in great shape with nearly no cosmetic damage. $7 shipped each.

Mario Kart Double Dash (no manual) $10 Shipped

Guilty Gear XX #Reload (Japanese Version) $20 Shipped
Talkman w/mic (Japanese Version) $20 Shipped Great for learning Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Ghost in the Shell $15 Shipped
Silent Hill Experience UMD Video $5 Shipped

Take the set for $50 Shipped

I do combine on shipping so let me know what you want and I’ll see how cheep it’ll be to ship it to you.

What kind of condition are the black ones in and are the wavebirds platinum or grey?

Update with pics

Some of the systems do have minor nicks/scuffs here and there but all are in pretty good to excellent shape.
Also I have both platinum and grey controllers and those are all range from very good to great shape.

Price drop


price drop


Update with new items and price drop.