WTS/WTT: Bubsy II Genesis Prototype

I have a Bubsy II Genesis Prototype cart that i’m looking to sell. If you’re a collector you really don’t want to hesistate on this. You might never find another one.

bought on the neo-geo.com forums from prototype collector markman. here’s his picture that he used. Excellent condition, works great too. $55 shipped

Will trade bubsy cart for a good** ps3*** stick. preferably a madcatz SE stick with sanwa parts.


auctions are still going, but Bubsy cart is still for sale.

if you’re a genesis collector, I would not let this pass. Who knows when you’ll find another one.

down the home stretch. a little under two hours to go.

damn someone got the avtuner for a steal.

man, i forgot about the auction. what the heck, there was no reserve price?

yes, a helluva a steal. oh well… i’ve tried selling it like 5 different times. I just needed it out of here. and no, no reserve. I thought it would go for more, but eh life goes on.

bubsy still for sale.

price drop