WTS/WTT: 360 Games, Red Dead Redemption, UFC 2010, Halo 3, GTA, Looking for PS3 Games

Sell/Trade: 360 Games
Red Dead Redemption-----------------$45
UFC 2010-------------------------------$35
GTA IV----------------------------------$15
GTA: Episodes From Liberty City-----$20
Halo 3-----------------------------------$13
Call of Duty 4: MW---------------------$13
Fear 2------------------------------------$13
Devil May Cry 4: PH---------------------$10
Lost Planet: Colonies Edition PH-------$10
Left 4 Dead------------------------------$10
Fable 2-----------------------------------$10
The Saboteur----------------------------$13
Call of Duty 2 SE-------------------------$8
Ninety-Nine Nights-----------------------$8
Indiana Jones/ Kung Fu Panda----------$8

Want: PS3 Games
God of War III
God of War Collection
Super Street Fighter IV
Other offers…

Will supply pics if requested.


Sorry forgot to add the prices. I copied from another thread.