WTS: Wired XBOX 360 Madcats PCBs MegamanDS has eleven toes

I have a friend who can wire up Madcats PCBs (no triggers because they are not worth the effort. Only x,a,y,b,lb,rb, back, start, and live buttons). Seeing if there is any interest for 360 and maybe PS3 pcbs (360 madcatz only for now). We have four different wire colors: red, blue, yellow, and black. It would be $50 + $5 shipping in the US. Can do common ground or individual. Can put QD’s on. We can wire your pads if you send it to us for $30 shipped in the US.

Please include all info: QD size, wire color (red, blue,yellow, or black), ground, etc. in your paypal order.
All wires will be labeled.

Will have a list for orders:


The Plexi stick sold by MegamanDS has a pad wired by my friend. The stick was not made by him, just the pad.


Please leave feedback once you receive the pcbs. If there are any problems or questions please contact me or contact my friend at his email ReklessRoo01@yahoo.com.

Sounds good to me, you could put me down for one of the 360 PCBs (common ground)

What are your prices?

Im interested, how much if we send you our PCB?

Will your friend do wireless padhacks?

Kooper: I’ll put you down on the list.

KOAB: 50 dollars shipped in the US.

rcaido: 30 shipped sound good?

Valkyrie: I don’t think he is doing wireless atm but it can change.

ATM, my friend has only been doing Madcats wired PCBs but I will talk to him and see if wants to do other pads as well. He is doing it in his spare time during the week and should be able to get these out fairly quickly. I will start making a list to get down people who are interested and will let you know where to send payment to.

Some more details I’d like to address actually…

Will you be using hot glue and DCs?

Will the pads be tested before they are sent out?

Just some details on the making processes

If the answers to Kooper’s questions are yes, then I am very much interested in a 360 pad. I don’t know what the difference is between common ground and individual. Does it make a big difference?

Kooper: Let me know what size QD’s. We have .110 and I believe .187 QDs for happ. The larger ones fit on happ buttons but I do not know the exact size. He solders the wire and uses hot glue as an extra measure. They will be tested to ensure that they are working. He is very experienced with soldering so you will not need to worry about them but he will still test them to guarantee that they are working.

IronMcHardSteel: It really depends on the type of stick and buttons used. Some sticks require individual grounds while other sticks use a common ground. A common ground shares the ground wire for all sticks and buttons while an individual uses separate grounds for each button and stick. If you know what type of sticks and buttons you are using I can help you with that.

I’d need .110 :3

I’m using happ parts. Happ Competition Buttons and Happ Super Joystick. And I want one. I just need to know how he wants to be paid now B).

is it possible for you to do PS1 pcbs as well?

IronMcHard: I will put you down for one with individual grounds and I will get payment info to you soon. Hopefully we will get payment info and pcbs started and finish tuesday but I will let you know if it changes.

Madwak: We can do ps1 pcbs depending on our availability of them. We might have one wired up already. I will have to see if we have access to them but I will hold you a spot.

I need a hacked 360 pcb but gotta wait till next pay day in two weeks. If this is still available I might be asking you to add me.

wow, plagerism using my pics in your thread. infraction!

So, how are things going?

Payment info sent out to those that have pmed me. Sorry for the delay, I have had a really hectic week and will try to have everything shipped by the weekend. I am a middleman in all of this so bear with me. Our schedules do not always line up but we will do our best.

Thanks again for your patience.

lol I don’t even have enough posts to send a PM. Payment sent!

Im interested in one for my PS3. Not sure details on all if the tech stuff, but will be using happ parts in a SF Ann Arcade stick case. Also since im new to this stuff, would it come with a USB connector to hook directly to the PS3? not a fan of the PS2 to PS3 adaptors.

if it can be done for the PS3 count me in!

can you wire me a pcb
if i send it out to you? (madcats 360 pcb)