WTS: White 10" Asus 1000HA laptop- Near mint w/Full Win7 and XP Licenses!

$95 total Shipped.

This is for a White Asus 1000HA laptop. Was bought back in 2008 and always well taken care of. Laptop is in near mint looking/working condition aside from one barely noticeable scratch on the lid, and some letters on the keys rubbing off. LCD screen is bright and vibrant with no scratches, deadpixels, or imperfections.

Screen: 10" LCD screen
CPU: 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N270 processor
**HDD: ** 140GB Hard Drive
Ram: 2GB DDR2
Graphics: Intel GMA 950
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Built in Camera: 1.3M Pixel camera on the lid
Disc Drive: None.

Includes original box, drivers CD, and all manuals that it originally came with in good shape. In addition to Windows XP i’m also throwing in a Windows 7 license. So if you don’t care for XP, you can download, install and register Windows 7.

Only real flaws with this comp are: #1- The fan inside this Pc has gotten worn over the years and now sounds like an angry bee when on. I downloaded a program called EEECTL which disables it, and have actually been using this comp for quite some time without the fan on and experienced no overheating or other issues(EEECT also monitors system temperature and it always remained at normal levels). The EEECTL program will be included. With a little work, tech savvy users could certainly open up the laptop and replace the fan also. There are numerous guides out there.

#2- The battery is also old and only holds a charge for about 20 minutes. Affordable replacement batteries are readily available on e-bay.

Great deal! At this price you’re basically paying for Windows 7, and getting a Free laptop & XP license!

I’m a reputable SRK seller also, and have sold several Arcade sticks and PSP systems on the board over the years.