WTS: Very Rare Street Fighter III: Third Strike disc

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This is a rare Street Fighter III: Third Strike GD-R disc. This particular disc was released to ‘preview’ 4 months before the final build of the game.

What makes this disc so unique is that is doesn’t look like the normal preview GD-R discs you normally find.
Capcom somehow printed their own custom labels apparently.

Even though this is a GD-R disc, you can still boot it on a normal retail dreamcast by following the steps here.


Very simple. it’s what I used, and can confirm that this technique does work.

Here’s a pic of the actual disc. some very light scratches. overall in great condition.


some things I’ve already found:

  • The game has mostly Japanese text. The weird thing is that Akuma is named well ‘Akuma’ in this. Not Gouki.
    After he wins, his quote is in Japanese, but his name is Akuma.


another thing, when you’re playing in VS and win with Akuma his name shows up as a block.


I never really thoroughly tested this disc. This might be all the weird stuff on it, there might be more.
It would be a fun project if you had time to check for changes.

In any case, this is a cool piece of fighting game history.

looking for what I paid for it.

** $200 shipped.** OR
Things I’d trade for:**

You can mix and match. if you only have one game PM me with how much money you’d throw in too.

**- Boxed Nintendo Wii. Preferably black.

  • Super Mario Strikers Gamecube
  • Mario Kart Gamecube
  • MegaMan Collections Gamecube
  • Kirby Air Ride Gamecube
  • I need like 3 Nintendo Wavebirds

bump. price drop.

added a trade list.

wow, just curious. When did you pay $200 for this? When Dreamcast was still new?