WTS: VEGA 9000DX Supergun

Here’s my baby. A VEGA 9000 DX supergun. Complete with jamma harness with CPS2 kick harness. Has s-video, 3.5mm to stereo cable (cable is kinda messed up but you can use any type of these 3.5mm jack cables). Works perfect! 600 500 SHIPPED!







Ridiculously nice! Good Luck with this!

Oh God how beautiful! Please can you post pics of the inside??

Yea it’s so awesome. I’ll see of I can post some inside pics tomorrow

found some info of the guts n overview.


What exactly does this thing do?

A supergun plays arcade games on a tv. So if you for example wanna play super turbo without an arcade machine. You can make your tv an arcade machine.

That’s really cool. Too bad I’m broke.

PRICE DROP! 500 SHIPPED! can throw in vampire saviour jap board for 100

Do you still have it?

would changing buttons & joysticks be difficult??? I’m interested

Sorry guys sold a while back