WTS: Various Parts (SE turbo panel, 8 sanwa obsf 30mm black)

Moving, and trying to get rid of some stuff.

-Turbo Panel (out of a SF4 SE stick)
Also included if you buy the turbo panel is the wiring for the mic port + an adapter thing that came with the stick

-**8 Black Sanwa OBSF-30 snap in buttons **
These are probably a year old and no problems with them. May want to pop the plungers out and clean a year’s worth of finger crud and sweat though. :stuck_out_tongue:

-3 White Sanwa OBSF-24 snap in buttons
Received in a custom stick I bought, hardly used as far as I know. They work…

-**Black Bat Top + adapter
**Used once maybe…


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I’d rather sell all this once so for now I’m going to ask for $30 shipped for all items pictured (except my notepad… taking offers for it.) Paypal only.

lol, i would have bought this lot if it weren’t for the cruddy and sweaty buttons i’ll have to clean :slight_smile:

very minor amounts… i’m just lazy. :frowning:

How much for just the buttons?

For all 11 buttons (black + white) $20 shipped.

I’ll be back tomorrow. g2g

does the pcb work on the panel?

99% sure it still does.

I gutted my SE stick a few weeks ago, and moved the parts over to my wooden foe hammer case I ordered. It was working prior to the gutting.


Oh im not sure if the guy still has the stuff… Thread us from 2011… Lol but I guess you never know