WTS: Various Custom Arcade Stick Cases and....Soaps?- $35-50 Each Shipped (U.S Only) Check 1st Post

  • All right everyone, i’m back. After getting some job situations under wraps, i feel like i can continue woodworking again and do something that i enjoy. I won’t be taking any commissions after i’m done with one customer. “If you don’t like, you don’t buy.” I’m still getting used to the forums so i deleted all of my builds from this post and will probably re-up them or put them on the joystick vault website
  • You can follow me on instagram - @themadnessbeast
  • More cases on the way. Various roundover and chamfer edge designs.
  • They will have pre drilled holes to fit a Sanwa JLF (unless you want a specific joystick)
  • They will come with a top/bottom plexi/or plywood along with rubber feet, #4 x 1/2 screws for a neutrik adapter and lens wipes.
  • They will need to be primed, painted and/or clear coated.
    *I highly recommend screw in buttons for the top panel since the plexi i buy is very fragile.

Will Update Soon



another case added. hopefully more to come


case looks great, and more importantly i like the affordable price. g’luck with the sale

new cases added

still got a slanted mini case? and can you do a custom buttons layout. I don’t want the buttons that close. but its not a deal breaker. let me know…

Edit: purchased another one

yeah, i was actually going to redo the maple case panel to a hitbox, but i can do whatever 6 button layout. space is kinda tight so the only adjustment that i made was the joystick hole is a tad closer to the buttons. the byrdo style’s also slanted. el greco, yes, the mdf case is available. the mahogany case is pending.

Just bought the mahagony case.

got my case. Came very well packed. loaded it up.


Which cases are still available? I’m interested

I am also interested.
Is the case on the far right on the second picture still available?

Are you working on any 8 button versions? Nice work on what you’ve posted.

I’m also highly interested in an 8 button version

You have my $35 if you can do an 8 button vewlix case in mahogany or red oak… Or anything really besides mdf… Mdf is a pain to paint…

are you even making any money with these? amazing deals, I wanna buy one and I don’t even need it.

i’ll be putting 8 button layouts on the top 2 cases. 1 mdf and 1 red oak. the red oak case might be on hold but i’ll find out for sure within a day or 2. the mini mahogany will be wrapped up soon but man that thing is a little off in proportion size. actually, i’ve only sold 2 cases out of the batch. users have expressed interest, but i haven’t heard back from them. maybe i’ll end up priming the mdf cases and sell them for a couple of bucks extra.




I will take the red oak 8 button if/when it’s available for sure. 100% no backing out.

PMd again