WTS: Various Arcade sticks, Nvidia TK1 embedded

The boss My lovely wife is making has kindly asked me clear some stuff out, hate to just throw this stuff out, I figure someone could make good use out of these projects that I never finished. All sticks are the box only, I am keeping my buttons and sticks. I will post pics tomorrow as it is getting late.

Jasen’s Custom Panzer Wide, blue finish: $75 shipped in continental US (8 button Viewlix layout) SOLD!
Foehammer Stealth, wood grain and gun metal: $50 shipped in continental US (Hitbox layout currently all 30mm holes) SOLD!
Blaze Twin Shock: $35 shipped in continental US (has all buttons and the PCB but does not have sticks)SOLD!
Nvidia Tegra TK1 Jetson Embedded System on a Chip, mounted in a white Atari Jaguar case: $50 shipped in continental US. Would make for a great MAME setup.

eBay Chinese Madcatz TE1 knockoff, abs plastic fight stick cases. I have 3: red, blue and yellow sides. $30 shipped in US. Will post pics tomorrow.

Nvidia TK1:

eBay knock off TE1 sticks:

Pm’d about the panzer wide stick, definitely want it.

Put me in line for the panzer if it falls through. I’ll take it for sure.

PM sent

any PS4 compat?

Sorry guys, I’ve been working 12 hour days and was just too tired last night to post pics. Updated and PMs responded. Will post pics of the Nvidia TK1 later.

Owl, I only play old games, I had a Day One Xbox One but I traded it for a Naomi. Sorry, nothing newer than MC Cthulhu PCB.

Would you be willing to trade?

You’ve got PM.

I don’t think so, but I’ll entertain an offer, what do you have in mind?

Updated, still have the twin shock.

I’m out camping with my kids until Sunday, will respond to PMs then.

PDP Fight pad MKX for Xbox one?

How much free the blaze? Pm me , might be interested

PM sent

I traded my XBONE for a Naomi, sorry.

Pics of the Nvidia TK1 added!

Hey guys, items will be shipped out tomorrow, sorry, work is super busy lately, but I will get it out.


Pics added for the knock off sticks, also have one with yellow sides that is still available but is not set up for fighting game layout.