WTS: Various Arcade Sticks for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

I’m moving soon and have six arcade sticks I’m looking to trade.

You can check out pics here:



  • All of these are unmodded. Stock parts across the board.
  • No boxes, sorry :frowning:
  • The DOA4 stick is a bit worn. There are some scratches on the surface, but nothing major. The stick and buttons are still in “good” condition if we’re talking in Amazon/Ebay terms. Only issue is some damage to the base of the cable (which is pictured). Still fully functional, though.
  • The MadCatz SF4 stick is used, but still in good condition. Buttons are perfect but the stick is a smidge (but only a smidge) loose.
  • The other sticks are unused. I had a thing where I came into some money and bought sticks as they were released and just stuck them in my closet.
  • The Wii sticks are unused. Like really unused. They still have the cellophane covering the face of the stick, waiting to be peeled off.

Asking price is $45 each for the 360 sticks, $60 each for the Wii sticks. Totally willing to negotiate. Willing to field trade offers for PS3/4 and 3DS games!

PM’ed for SE