WTS: used sanwa stick *UPDATE: going to repaint

Well im looking to sell my arcade stick since i have 2 others. This stick has a few aesthetic cons, but it works great, here are a few pics…

The Fierce button as you can see is switched out, the button actually broke before a tournament and i had to replace it, i believe its a seimitsu now.

There are no screws in the back, but the bottom doesnt move at all, for me to work on the stick I had to unscrew the top and push the bottom plank out.

When i got the stick there was no clear coat on the paint, so the paint withered away with use, i havent dropped it, or of the sort.

Im asking for $120 OBO as is, Shipped.

Paypal Only.


Im sanding the paint off atm to get ready for paint, stick is on hold until completed…

Damn, if that had clearcoat or something to protect the paint it would be so bad ass.
Do you still have the original screws for it though?
Regardless this is still a great stick and I don’t see why people aren’t buying.

yea its a great stick, i was testing it out not too long ago and it works perfectly fine, the big plus is that i can play with it in my lap so i dont always have to sit on the floor…I dont have the original screws, but I can buy new screws for it. Im actually thinking about repainting the sides white and then applying a clear coat myself…The only big downfall of the stick is the fact that the bottom plate doesnt come out easily…

When you get the bottom out, just sand the sides of it a little. Just a thought.

Wow, i remember when that stick was for sale brand new from papertiger i think. You beat the crap out of that thing O_O. Still a nice stick though.

lol funny thing is i didnt even play with it that much :frowning: the first thing i noticed about this stick is when i first touched it felt really rough with the scent of paint…but due to some concerns Im going to sand it down and then repaint it :stuck_out_tongue: