WTS: USB Saturn Pad (Bootleg) & Wii LAN Adaptor!

First time selling, and potentially first time shipping. Canada Post makes it pretty easy, but if anyone is interested in any thing here, please pm me about it with a postal code or state/province so i can provide you an estimate.

USB Sega Saturn Pad Black (Bootleg) - $6 + shipping

It was only used for about an hour, the face shows sign of wear and light scratches, the controller came like that. I didn’t like the feel of the controller, its working perfectly fine.


I’m going to be honest, it’s not the best buttons I ever used, but after cracking it open, it looks fairly easy to solder for ripped PCB sticks. Plug and play for PC/Mac/PS3, I don’t recommend the latter platform if you’re going to use it as-is, it’s got fucked up mapping.


Rocketfish LAN Adapter for Wii - $10 + shipping
Not brand New, but never really used it. If any retailers sold these it would be going for $19.99 and these aren’t relatively easy to find either.


No need to install anything, just plug it in the back of your wii and start playing online more smoothly. Maybe it was just my internet connection, I still got laggy Brawl matches.

Don’t mean to troll but it does seem to have a sega PCB which makes me think its not a knockoff but the controller case,buttons and directional pad maybe Knockoff’s If it works with PS3 3.5 update then it looks good for a stick project

I guess so, i just know the case is a knockoff because there’s no logo print or that little sticker on the back. either case I don’t really want to keep it, it’s so messed up at times.

Like I said before, it’s default mapping on the ps3 is messed up. I don’t recall actually remapping my controls well enoguh that there isn’t some overlapping controls of some kind.

On default controls:
L: :3k:
R: :hk:
A: :lp:
B: :lk:
C: :mk:
X: :mp:
Y: :3p:
Z: :hp:

but still it you’re interested despite how fucked up it may be, and yes it works on 3.5 then PM.

Hope I’m not breaking any rules in clearing this up, but that’s definitely not an official sega PCB.


But yeah, it would be good for a padhack project. It’s not common ground, but the D-pad shares a ground, and all the buttons share a ground, so it’d still be easy to wire up. You can easily switch buttons around when padhacking too, so the messed up default mapping is non-issue.

Yea, Jay’s right the PCB says Sega, but thats just not proof, AOS does have a nice clean looking PCB for a custom stick, or a replacement for a Namco or Hori thats gone bad…

Good luck with the sale.

It’s clean because that was the first time opening it. But if anyone was particularly interested in the controller for using as a pad instead of gutting it, then I wouldn’t have recommended it, I don’t like ripping people off, terrible ethic.

@ Trugoy, Thanks. I wanted to return this to the seller but he basically bribed me to keep it by refunding me back $5 which I accepted :slight_smile: I guess he has no plans on keeping these bootleg fuckers cuz he and a bunch of sellers sell the same goddamn thing. It’s like they want to get rid of them, yet keep getting more. Whatevz if I can’t sell it I’ll keep it then, I found this Xpadder program and it’s pretty neat even though it fails to macro some buttons on my controller.

I got some similar ones and the D-pads were horrid, they broke, this one seems like it’s got a different case, but yea, someone should totally pick this up for a little Namco classic stick for ps3/pc (who cares if the buttons are weird mapped)

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