WTS: [UPDATED] PSOne Pad, Real Adapters for PS2/PS3

Pre-Spring cleaning sale. Paypal Only. All prices include shipping within the States. Contact for international shipping.

Official PSONE Pad (Model: SCPH-110 H) - $15 Shipped

Original Sega Saturn pad wired to wireless Xbox 360 PCB in project box. Works using 2AA batteries in project box. Works with Xbox 360. Cord length is 4.5 feet. Works great. Great D-Pad. ** SOLD!.**


Real Adapters. Brand New! Been sitting in my drawer for months though. $35 each shipped. ONLY ONE LEFT!


Very cool project dude! (Saturn 360 pad)

I swear I’m not trying to crap your thread, but would you mind taking a picture of the inside of your Saturn pad and PCB in the project box? I’ve been meaning to make one of these myself for a while now. What cord did you use to run from the Saturn pad to the box? I was thinking of using a DB-15. I would just buy this off of you but I already have the parts for it. Thanks in advance.

if you could save me one of those real converters until tuesday, i’d appreciate it.

PM sent on the Saturn pad.

PM answered

Updated first post. Added PSOne pad. Saturn pad sold and one of the two real adapters sold.

is it possible to make another converter for that ss pad to work on the 360 i really really need one bad

PM sent for REAL converter