WTS: Under Night In-Birth PS3 - $50 shipped

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I accept paypal only. Will ship to US only.

** NO TRADES.** :stuck_out_tongue:

Under Night In-Birth (PS3) JP import - $50 shipped
Mint condition, like new. Will work on US PS3.

If you have any questions, drop me a pm.

Sold items


Killzone 2 | PS3 | Like New
Sanwa buttons; (x2) 24mm white (x4) 30mm white (x1) 30mm pink + balltop grey | Fairly new
Seimitsu PS-14-P Purple buttons (x6) + Seimitsu U.V clear balltop
Sanwa OBSF-30 Black/Dark Hai buttons (x6) + Hori grey balltop
Sanwa Black Mesh Balltop
PS2 Fighter’s Choice PCB
Official FLCL (Fooly Cooly) Coffee Mug
FFVIII Lionheart necklace + gunblade keychain
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS 8.0 MP camera
Unassembled Chimp
Mayflash PS2/PS3/USB cable
SCPH-7501 Sony Playstation
Techflex 1/2" diameter 10ft
Neutrik N-A USB Feedthrough Black
Mirror’s Edge | PS3
Guilty Gear 2: Overture | 360
Battle Fantasia | 360
Blazblue CT Artbook + Folder + 2CD OST (x4)
Blazblue Official Comic (x2)
3 month Xbox live subscription

King of Fighters XIII (360) - $40 - Sold to xToxikDeath
Street Fighter X Tekken (360) - $45 - Traded to dman1869
Tekken 6 (360) - $10 - Sold to YungKratos
Sony PSP 1001 (w/ pro cfw 660-B) - $60 - Sold to bolt9289
Sansa 4gb Clip+ mp3 player- $25 - Sold to acclaim
Radioshack vacuum desoldering tool - $9 - Sold to KamiKKazi
Bust a Move (PSX import) - $18 - Sold to ihiryu
Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Collection (DVD) - $30 - Sold to mankat
TE top panel replacement M4 bolts - $4 shipped per set of 6 bolts - Sold to Smashbro29
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown promo poster - $25 - Sold to Mosque
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown promo poster - $25 - Sold to eperelez
DJ DAO FP7 Custom Beatmania PS2 Controller - $150 + shipping - Sold to Atrain
Dreamcast Bundle - $50 shipped - Sold to Qancer
15 ft black ethernet CAT6 cable - $5 shipped - Sold to Qancer
TE top panel replacement M4 bolts - $4 shipped per set of 6 bolts - Sold to Chunstoppable
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Poster - $18 shipped - Sold to Piglizard9

SRK 2013 Revamp:
Madcatz TE 360 PCB - Nouh_09
Madcatz TE empty shell - kozimor

SRK 2014:
HRAP T5 Project Diva custom contoller - LadyLuck

I’ll take Killzone 2. PM sent.

Payment sent. Thanks!

Price drop.

Items added.

Received Killzone 2 today! Just as described & super fast! Thanks again!!

Added items and price drop. :shy:

pm sent for black meshball

payment sent for black meshball

payment sent for PCB

items shipped out. price drop on camera!!

thanks guys. :tup:

received black meshball

feedback received/left. Buy from this seller!

Hey lockon, just curious how many wires are on that Mayflash cable? I’m counting 9, but I think my eyes are tricking me.

there’s 11 wires; 4 for USB, 7 for PS2. includes 2 ground wires in black.

cord measures 5’-5". :wgrin:

Price drop, added Blazblue and FLCL promo items.

Oh wow, I’m throwing hesitation out the window and buying that FLCL mug, pm sent

Payment sent :tup:

Does that camera come with a rechargeable battery or does it use normal alkaline batteries?