[WTS] Triumvir X SF (XL), 360 Stick, Chun-Li Statue, Nintendo DSi, Games (DS/PSX)

Hey everyone, thought I’d do some spring cleaning and let go of a few things I’m not using anymore. Feel free to PM me if interested in anything. I’m accepting paypal for payments.


Chun-Li White (XL) - S/O $40, OBO [[SOLD]]

Dhalsim White (XL) - S/O $40, OBO [[SOLD]]

Triumvir Gallia Long Sleeve Button Up Blue/White (XL) - S/O $60, OBO

360 Stick

360 SE Fight Stick Modded with Sanwa Buttons and JLF Stick - S/O $60, OBO [[SOLD]]

SF4 Chun-Li Comic Con 08 Exclusive

S/O $65, OBO

Won this one in a tournament, one of 700 made. The box is a little rugged and the statue base has a little chip or two in the paint job.


Nintendo DSi

Comes with box, extra stylus, everything a DSi would be packaged with - S/O $120, OBO [[ON HOLD - iGauge]]

Video Games

New Super Mario Bros. - $20
Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story - $25 [[ON HOLD - Evelgest]]
The World Ends With You - $15
Chrono Trigger (With Poster) - $15 [[ON HOLD - Evelgest]]
Rhythm Heaven - $20
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - $20
Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime - $15
Kirby Super Star Ultra - $15

Team Buddies (Complete), Very hard to find - SO $70, OBO

That’s everything for now, big list. PM or post if you’re interested in any of these or would like more pictures. Thanks for looking.

Im interested in the dhalsim and chun li t shirts. but im kinda low on funds right now. interested in a trade? i got games and shit for all systems :smiley:

Interested in the chun li statue. You taking trades for that? I have all sorts of stuff up for trade.

Hey, just wondering if you ship to Canada. If so, how much would it cost? Interested in getting Ecclesia and Rhythm.

that’s a damn good price for team buddies.

I’m mostly interested in cash, but I’d be glad to look at what you guys have for trade if you want to shoot me a link or pics through PM. I’m mostly interested in PSX or Saturn if you’re looking to trade with games.

I’ll swing by my work later on today and see how much it’ll cost to ship them to Toronto and PM the info to you.

Ha yeah, I really liked that game as soon as I played the demo,beat the whole game plenty of times. I was surprised to see how rare it was and how much it was going for online considering not that many people have heard of it, figured it was time to let this one go at a solid price.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the thread everyone, I’ll most likely be putting up some more stuff (Triumvir, video games) soon-ish. Need to make money for the up coming Triumvir line and my Saturn collection.

only interested in psx and saturn stuff? no next gen games for wii ps3 or xbox360?

I have a copy of lunar 2 eternal blue for psx…* hugs it not wanting to let go * :frowning:

I also have street fighter collection 2 or psx, as well as a 2 disc only copy of lunar 1 for psx * has hollywood video stickers on it >.< *

Just sent out some PM replys to 6lue and .Cobra answering questions

Also, if you use AIM and are interested in something message me. If I’m home, I’m on AIM.

EDIT: Just saw your post Dios. I only have PS2 and Saturn, no current gen systems. I actually already have Lunar 1 & 2 and I own versions of all the Street Fighter games I’m interested in. Sorry.

A local SRK member, Slompo, is interested in the Dhalsim tee so that is currently on hold for him.

EDIT 2: The 360 stick and the Chun-Li tee are also on hold. If you would like first call on an item please message me about it and I will put the item on hold for you for a week.

Yo Illiterate, lets meet up so we can do this deal with the t-shirt I got my money situated. PM me so we can set up a time and location.

The Dhalsim XL tee has been sold to Slompo, I’ll PM a few of you back that I have to message later today

I’m guessing prices don’t include shipping? A bit interested in Chrono Trigger and Bowser’s Inside Story.

Prices don’t include shipping but for those two it’d be $5. I see your location is 650, if that’s 650 as in Bay Area, CA we could get a meet up going.


Sent out the shirts and the SE stick today, PM’ed tracking numbers to buyers. Hope you guys enjoy your new stuff when you get it.

I’ll have some new items up soon, lot of PS2 games, maybe some more clothes and other items so stay tuned.

What’s the lowest you’ll go on the DSi? Not trying to lowball, just getting a feel.