WTS: TMO Case and 360 Modded T5

ok so as the title says im looking 2 get rid of these… wish i didnt have 2 but im getting kicked out of my place so i need some green asap…

first is: The TMO Stick i bought here not to long ago havent done anything with it no time… and am looking to get $220 Shipped!

only flaw is the minor paint chip on the top right (visible on second photo)

And second My T5 custom:

All Sanwa parts!
arthong plexi
yellow meshball/ with shaft cover
art was printed from mame marquees
and has about 12hrs worth of play on it.
pad hacked by tingboy

asking 205 Shipped

Please Pm Me if interested! thanks!

While those are some very nice sticks I really do not think you are allowed to sell since you are not at your 6 months yet.

Damn that TMO stick is making the rounds. I cant see how anyone would let that thing go. One of a kind from TMO = priceless.

But ya, the 6 month rule may hose ya unless someone jumps quick.

Man there must be some kind of curse on that TMO stick, must be like the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen it for sale since I registered. Sucks that your not allowed to sell anything yet, good luck on the sale anyways…

yea im well aware of the rule… just hoping some one will see past it… cause i really need the funds… :sad:


ugh, I wish I had the scratch for that stick. It’s gorgeous… Good luck on finding a moderator with a heart! Worst case scenario, put it on Ebay.

glory’s prolly just wondering by now…