WTS: Tekken 6 Limited Edition /w wireless stick

I need to get rid of my T6 LE wireless stick and my copy of T6. If anyone wants pics and whatnot send me a pm and we’ll negotiate setting up an auction on ebay. I haven’t used it very much.

It would help to know if it’s PS3 or X360 and where you live because of shipping. And it’s a complete LE bundle right?

Complete LE bundle for PS3. Comes with the art book as well.

I’m in Cincinnati, Oh so I’m leaving the postage decision up to the buyer.

sorry, it’s been a long day.

i’m also willing to deal it out at $100 plus shipping depending on location

i would consider buying it, are you located anywhere near chicago though?

im in cincinnati so i don’t see any other option besides shipping via ups/fedex

if anyone want to buy online then i will set up a legitimate ebay auction for reserved buyout so we can keep it on the books.

Ebay auctions are a waste of time and money for both parties. If someone doesn’t have enough trust for you on here then you won’t get the business. Simple as that.

You interested in trades for this? I got a couple of threads with some stuff in 'em.

Here and Here.

Lemme know if there’s anything there you’re interested in.

  1. i’m concerned for any buyer interested in dealing and i want to give them a sense of security in their investment, sue me.

  2. you’re being a prick, if you’re not interested in what i’m selling then shut the fuck up and don’t highjack my thread. i wouldn’t do it to you.

  3. your post is a waste of time for everybody else in the thread.

if u selling 100 dollars for the bundle, will take. shipping to canada.