Wts tekken 5 hori ps2 stick /wtb 60+ watt macbook charger & hrap2sa

selling a hori t5 stick.
6 white screw in 30mm sanwas.
2 white 24 mm sanwas.
hori stick

the buttons have solder on them so you would have to get the solder off if using quick disconnects.

no pcb.
shell has “MATT” engraved quite shittily on it…
this dude borrowed it from me then engraved his fucking name on it.

ill upload if anyone is interested.
willing to split up the parts if someone doesnt want the whole thing.

57+shipping obo.
us only/no hawaii or alaska.

i need a 60watt macbook magsafe charger and i dont wanna pay 80 dollars for it.

also looking for a hrap2sa :wink:

**“shell has “MATT” engraved quite shittily on it…
this dude borrowed it from me then engraved his fucking name on it.”

**Awesome! Lol. Any pics?

Dude, wtf? Engraved his name on a borrowed stick, that’s some serious douchebaggery there.

yeah, i know right?
yeah i can take pics of the case and said engraving later tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:


bump for wanting of hrap.

I’m actually looking for just the bottom plate of a T5 stick if you’re willing to part with it. Probably not willing to break it up but I figured I’d give it a shot.

i would, but then it would be pretty impossible to get rid of the rest. sorry

wat about just the control panel and parts except for the case?

And I may be interested in just the case itself, if I can see some pics. For a case with engraving on it, I wouldn’t pay more than $15-20 shipped, depending on how deep the cuts are.

Might be a pain to mail all 3 but seems there’s someone interested in the top panel, case, and bottom panel now. =D

I’ll keep an eye out in case you change your mind about splitting the panels and the case.


posted a picture of it. shipping for it would probably cost 10USD already. lowest i would go is 17USD+shipping.

yeah, ill pm you if everyone confirms whatever they want to buy.

So yea I’m sticking with what I said for the control panel and parts, I’ll PM you with my details.

erikstanton im actually new in san diego and i was wondering if you no anyone in the area that has an xbox360 stick 4sale? Im lookin to get back into the game and i really dont wanna ship my sticks to a naval base bcuz its a hassle to get shit here

Wanted to give a heads up, just picked up a full T5 so i won’t be needing the bottom metal plate.

PM sent