WTS: TE Stick, Arcade in a Box, Wico and JLF Parts

Hello and welcome to my sale thread. It’s time once again for some spring cleaning. Will be adding new things over the next few days as I need to price out a few of the higher end items.

Item Name (System; if applicable) (Price)

Note that that does not include shipping. If there’s something(s) you are interested in please PM me with the total list of what you wanted to purchase and the postal code to which it would be shipped (for verification on your end all items are going to be shipped USPS from postal code 20879) and I will PM you back with the total cost and my PayPal address. Unless the buyer specifies otherwise all items will ship Parcel Post with delivery confirmation (~6 days). All items have been tested and work fine and will be tested again immediately prior to shipping out; if there are any issues I will immediately contact the buyer to figure out what they want to do (full refund, partial refund + item, etc.).

Now on to the show.

PS3 Round 1 TE Stick w/ASCII Optical (PS3, duh) ($100)
Wasn’t really using my TE stick so I decided to put the ASCII Optical stick in it. Not really my thing. Time for it to find a new home.

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Arcade-in-a-Box Stick (PS3/360) ($220)
An interesting project that just wasn’t my thing. Sanwa action buttons with Seimitsu buttons for ‘Home’, ‘Select’, ‘Start’ and ‘Turbo’ with a Ye Olde School Wico Leafswitch stick with an optical conversion kit. PCB is a AkiShop PS360 board. A very interesting feel as the old Wico sticks use a rubber grommet (similar to Korean sticks) instead of a spring. And yes, I’m aware that the ball top is a kind of fruity blue color but it was the only 4" shaft I could find (I’d be willing to include a 3" in either red or black if the buyer wants the shorter shaft instead). Please note that the quick disconnect tabs on the Wico kit installed here had to be removed and replaced with soldered on wires due to clearance issues with the case.

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Wico Microswitch Stick ($15)
Bought this as a backup for a project and didn’t end up needing it.

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ToggleMe Annodized Aluminum Bat Top with Adapter ($10)
Too heavy for my tastes but very nice looking nonetheless. Adapter is included.


Assorted Ball Tops ($2)
Between the lighter and darker yellows I forget which one is Sanwa and which is Seimitsu but just specify lighter or darker if you’re interested in one of them.


TP-MA ($8)
Lightly used JLF microswitch assemblies. Does not include wiring harnesses as apparently I’ve somehow run out of those. One remaining.


Rez (PS2) ($20)
Game with case and manual. Disc has a little wear but plays fine. It is a blue colored disk but I’m not sure what that means with regards to it’s system compatibility.


Shadow Hearts (PS2) ($20)
Game with case and manual. Disc has some wear but plays fine.


Please let me know if any of my pictures stop working!!! Thanks for taking a look.

Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter-Sold to Sean’s Apprentice-Local Pickup
Pelican PS2 to PS3 Converter-Sold to kRaZzY-Paid-Shipped 1/10/11-received
Seimitsu PS-14-G-Sold to Nerrage-Paid-Shipped 1/10/11-received
Hori Fighting Commander 3-Sold to VietGeek-Paid-Shipped 1/26/11-received
Saulabi 4K-Sold to Crono_Mashitoka-Paid-Shipped 2/7/11-
Virtua Stick and Saulabi SPS-3000-Sold to Eternal Blaze-Paid-Shipped 2/8/11
OBSF-30 Buttons and Ball Top-Sold to WildWon-Paid-Shipped 2/9/11
Hori Namco-Sold to Master Chibi-Paid-Shipped 4/15/11
LS-40-01-Sold to chuu-Paid-Shipped 4/20/2011
Wico Optical Conversion Kit-Sold to jdm714-Paid-Shipped 5/4/2011

PM’ed sent for one of the converters.


pm sent

Both converters in transactions.

Items Shipped out. Tracking information sent.

Added new items.

Would you take trade for the Hori Pad for the PS3? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but I’m not really looking for any trades at the moment.

Added games.

Added some JLF parts.

Price drops on most of the higher ticket items.

Hori Fighting Commander 3 sold and shipped.

Added Hori Namco

PM’d you about one of the fanta-sticks

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Thanks for checking out the thread. Replied.

PM’d you the information. Thanks again, bro.

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Check your PMs and/or e-mail just to confirm that we’re all good. If that’s an affirmative then barring an act of god I should be able to ship stuff out tomorrow.

Saulabi 4K paid for and shipped.

Virtua Stick and Saulabi SPS-3000 paid for and shipped.