WTS - Tatsunoko vs Capcom Joystick. RJ45 - Saturn cables. TE-KITTY

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Joystick - Overall good condition. No box. Some light scratches/cuffs on front. 60 Shipped.


Te-Kitty - Brand new. Sealed. $40 Shipped.

Rj45- Saturn cables. Cables are 6ft and the color is black. Cables are $6 and shipping is $6 priority.

Sorting out pictures for other stuff.

Sammy Ps2 Joystick Snk and Capcom Edition Joysticks.

Capcom Edition - Good condition. Includes box, stick, poster, lanyard, instructions.
Snk Edution - Good condition. Includes Box and stick only.
Snk Edition - Good condition includes box, stick, instructions and poster.

Pm sent

Are the Saturn cables black? How long?

cables are 6ft. color is black.

damnit I just bought the same stick

Does the stick come with the box?




Added items.

Thanks again for the Saturn cables!

If you end up selling the TvC stick, you’re gonna have to find a new profile pic…unless you have a double :slight_smile:

Bumping for quality seller. The now discontinued TE Kitty was in perfect condition upon arrival; thanks again.