WTS/T Persona4Arena($30shipped) for TTT2 for 360

Dudley Approved

Persona 4 Arena- unscratched XBOX360
$30shipped or trade for TTT2 for 360

Shown here is the following:
$9 shipped- PS1/2 to PS3 convertor
$15 shipped- X360 Converter- converts PS1/2 to Xbox 360
SOLD $25 shipped- PS1 Dual Shock 1 Hacked PCB

Items will be shipping out of Indiana :slight_smile:

10% price reduction across the board

Make me an offer :slight_smile:

Trade me you cool stuff :slight_smile:

Do you take Money Orders? If so, I’d be interested in the AE disc. Get back to me. :slight_smile:

sorry paypal only

20% and larger price drop on everything.
Make me an offer on multiple items and Ill cut you a deal

That’s not arcade edition, unless the xbox has arcade edition downloaded on it…

Any interest in trades for the MSS Stick? Any chance I can also request more pictures?

The price on that custom stick is INSANE.

you know your right, I just have the DL patch for AE. Ill change that

Yeah I know, im koko for coco puffs. I just have too much stuff im not using. and I-nee-moni
Not to mention that I regularly change the microswitches in my buttons and joystick, so the stick feel nice :slight_smile:

Until I sell some of this stuff to offset a new CPU I just bought im not interested in trades.
Link to my photobucket with lots of pics of the stick.

SFxT and Tackle Box sale pending payment

Custom Wood Stick and PS1 board sale pending payment

Kid Robot SF figures

Do you still have UMVC3?

damn man $20 for blue ken, I picked one up for $4 shipped on ebay

does the 360 console have hdmi?

Same question above, does the 360 console have hdmi?

And the manufacture date if possible.


is the ps to 360 converter any good like does it lag at all?

the console does have HDMI, IDK what the manufacturing date is.

sorry for the late response- just figured this post was long dead

the convertor is good- I dont feel like it lags but you may do alittle research for yourself because I cannot say yes or no with absolute certainty. but I did use it for about a year for all of my FGs

can you post a pic of the original hrap panel?

Sorry the HRAP is no longer for sale- its my main stick now.

I only have the converters and P4A for 360 for sale now

Is that a pube on the persona 4 cd? lol

haha- good eye but more likely a dog hair from the Aussie cattle dog- Too thin to be a pubic hair