WTS/T Full Sanwa SE w/ Art - Xbox 360

The stick up for sale or trade is my modded SE, it’s my current stick, I bought it brand new and immediately put full Sanwa parts and custom MvC3 Jill Valentine art work on it.

The buttons and stick(JLF) have no problems what so ever, great stick. The only problem it has is with the art, it was my first time doing art, and this was a laminated sticker type paper. You can see in the picture around the turbo area isn’t perfectly straight and the laminate is kind of bubbled in some spots, but it doesn’t effect gameplay on it what so ever, just doesn’t look quite as nice. I do have another print of the artwork that I will include so you can fix it if you choose. The only reason I am even considering getting rid of it is that I want something a little bigger like a TE to rest my hand.

For this one I am thinking $95(shipped in US) and still open to trades. Will be shipped in original box unless otherwise requested.

Trades for this would almost have to include another stick since this is what I am currently using. Sticks that I am interested in, anything bigger than an SE with Sanwa parts. If I sell it I’ll just be using the cash to buy another stick. Could also work out a trade + cash deal if you have a stick I am interested in.

Edit - Updated post after selling the TE.

Jake why are you selling? I’ve been seeing you on AE forever. You giving up?

No not all, the TE was for my bro but he got a Qanba for Christmas so I don’t need it anymore, plus I don’t really have the room for two sticks. So I figured I’d try and sell em both and see if I can get a newer TE or a Qanba or something.

Been trying to level up my game on AE lol, pretty rusty since getting sick but I really wanna be prepared for SFxT

Yeah I hear you. It’s nice seeing you play. Usually on Mondays we go to Coliseum gaming in Ralston (84th and Q area) and on the first friday of every month we have tournaments there. I should post up in the Omaha thread when we do so you have information. Everybody is grinding hard in that game.

Yeah I heard about it at the Nerdtron event, I got some good casuals in for MvC3 there, got blown up in SF though lol. I’ll have to check out Coliseum some time, heard a lot of good things, just a matter of how I’m feeling and when I can make it out there. I’ll keep in touch though, trying to get back into it again.

I didnt see you at the Nerdtron event. I went late at night so maybe thats why. Sounds good though.

Yeah I was there from like 2-8, I didn’t even bring my stick or anything I really didn’t know what to expect but it ended up being pretty fun. Guess we should move this convo to the Omaha thread or something before we get modded lol

Updated OP with box information.

I am interested in your TE, if no one has beat me to it.

I’ve received one PM for it, but that person has to wait three days for an ebay auction to end on another stick so it’s still available :slight_smile:

Updated, sold the TE, thanks to NoChart.

Bump. would be nice to sell this weekend so I can ship with the other stick I sold.

I’m interested in your stick. Do you ship to Canada?

I can ship to Canada if you cover the additional shipping cost, sent you a lot of info in reply to your PM.

Payment Pending from PG13