WTS supreme, north face, hats, sneakers, jackets, 360/ps3 T5,

just wanted to get rid of some stuff and will be adding more stuff and pictures as i sort things out

-------------WANT TO TRADE FOR LIST----------------

evo monitor
psn card
akai katana us version xbox 360
Eschatos region free xbox 360
bulletsoul region free xbox 360
halo reach wireless xbox 360 controller
dreamcast vga
best buy gift cards
walmart gift cards
target gift cards
ipad 2
hp mini dm1z
green goblin black plexi (agetec)
a vshg with box
or a vshG case
a namco box
may consider other gift cards hit me up
any thing else u feel may interest me let me know

----------------WANT TO TRADE FOR LIST---------------

nwot pink snakeskin size xl 150 shipped


nwot army navy snapback 50 shipped


nwt supreme x north face collab black jacket size XL new with tags 210 shipped


nwt supreme x north face black rolling bag 250 shipped




nwt supreme woodland camo travel bag 240 shipped


all shirts new without tags all are $50 shipped each
supreme stardust tee- red xl
supreme breed tee- grey L
supreme ave maria tee- navy L
supreme ethiopia tee- white xl, navy L






1 ps3 te mk panel with sanwa buttons 45 shipped


1 yellow meshball 16 shipped


1 duel modded t5 ps3/360 all sanwa was duel modded by gummound with a chimp and a fight pad all buttons are hacked incase u wanna add two more buttons comes with original box there is a scratch around the bottpm middle screw hard to get it pictured 170 shipped


1 north face bubble coat navy blue and black size xxl purchased last winter from macys in great shape rarely used 140 shipped via usps priority mail





1 rare marvel vs capcom 2 guide 50 shipped



1 blanka ps3 fight pad 25 shipped


1 chun li and yuri thumb fighters 12 shipped


1 sealed xbox 360 street fighter 4 14 shipped


1 rare gears of war 2 collectors edition xbox 360 faceplate with console skinz face plate was used a few times the console skinz are still unused 50 shipped



1 limited edition green halo xbox 360 case 45 shipped



1 new halo reach t-shirt size xl 18 shipped


1 xbox 360 street fighter 4 collectors edition comes with game 25 shipped



1 original virtua fighter 3 panel in great condition 65 shipped



post or pm me if anything
here is my ebay feedback as well
eBay Feedback Profile for one_holla

dreamcast mint agetec stick sold to nitewalker-shipped, received
spiderman 3 blu ray sold to Illustrator76-shipped, received
1 new t5 7 button layout plexi glass 22 sold to SEPU7V3DA-shipped, received
madcatz se bottom plexi sold to raekw0n187-shipped,
dreamcast mint agetec stick with box sold to SpaceMarine17-shipped, received
new never used canto candy cane swirl case sold to .cobra- shipped, received
1 custom t5 panel only last 6 buttons with universal mounting plate-traded to lucky day for dc stick-shipped,received
1 custom t5 panel only last 6 buttons with universal mounting plate-sold to jd_-shipped,received
1 new ls-32-01 with dark hai balltop sold to OmegaAce- shipped,received
1 used ls-40 with a s-plate with bat top sold to thepanda-shipped,received
metal gear solid 4 for ps3 new sold to .cobra-shipped, received
6 indago,2 jlf, 4 violet, 2 24mm indago, 2 wire harness sold to EtotheNGSPD- shipped, received
1 ps3 se pcb with every thing sold to .cobra -shipped, received
1 new qfc budget case sanwa and 3 24mm holes on top sold to .cobra-shipped, received
1 used blaze twin stick case only and 6 white sanwa and 6 green sanwa buttons sold to TheKoz-shipped, received
2 new nba 2k10 for xbox 360 sold on ebay
1 used transformers 1 dvd case target exclusive sold on ebay
8 Dark Hais, the 2 black 24s, and a dark hai balltop sold to mdsfx-shipped,received
1 brand new 360 te sold to PapaRhino-shipped, received
1 new limited edition walmart wireless controller with black headset sold on ebay
1 new green mesh ball traded to- Riddick-shipped
6 new clear seimitsus traded to- Riddick-shipped
6 green sanwa’s traded to- Riddick-shipped
1 white meshball traded to- Riddick-shipped
1 new black meshball traded to- Riddick-shipped
1- white bat top and adapter traded to- Riddick-shipped
1 wireless ps3 t5 custom carbon fiber plate, shaft cover, and dust washer, red meshball, all 1 1 1 set of screw ins 30mm is sanwa 24mm semitsu sold/traded to Annihilationscape-shipped
2 stock t5 sticks sold to shortman1243- shipped
1 new dark vadar xbox 360 faceplate-sold on ebay
2 new assassins creed faceplate and console skinz- sold on ebay
1 new sealed ps3 need for speed undercover-sold on eaby
6 new red ps-14-kn and 2 new clear with red bubble top sold to cobra-
1 new yoda 360 faceplate- sold on ebay
1 new sealed ps3 godfather 2 game- sold on ebay
1 dreamcast agetec stick with box- sold to georgec
1 brand new white 360 wireless controller-sold on ebay
1 ps3 se stick, no art with box, 6 pink sanwa buttons, 2 green sanwa buttons 1 pink and 1 green 1 balltop- traded to PaulNannie
1 new ps3 board and imp-traded to PaulNannie
1 hss-0130 all stock sold -to naturemade4u, shipped,
1 dreamcast with 2 controllers, 1 vmu, 1 generic memory card, all cables, plays back ups -sold on ebay
1 tekken 5 stick with plexi and inpin- sold to MaDWaK, shipped
1 ps3 te stick- sold to cobra
1 lightly used ls-32 will come with black dust cover- sold to aggrastat, shipped
1 new JLW-TM-8- sold to W00P MstR FresH
1 black bat top and adapter- sold to W00P MstR FresH
1 red bat top with adapter- sold to W00P MstR FresH
1 new gears of war faceplate and console skinz- sold on ebay
1 new north face mcmurdo parka xxl oak orange- sold on ebay
1 dreamcast mint agetec case with yellow buttons - sold to nitewalker, shipped
1 new blu ray xmen trilogy 9 disc set with digital copys - sold on ebay
1 new nba 2k10 for 360 - sold on ebay
8 slighly used 30mm PS-14-G and 3 24mm PS-14-G-sold to cobra, shipped
1 used 360 se pcb- sold to networkingyuppy,shipped
1 used 360 se pcb with every thing -sold to heng, shipped
6 slightly used white sanwa snapins with white balltop- sold to heng, shipped
1 mint 360 se case with everything but the main pcb- sold to 32teeth, shipped
1 new ken fightpad and 5 pin wire harness- sold to Raoul Duke, shipped
1 used ls-32-01 no mounting plate - sold to ihiryu, shipped
6 new clear PS-14-KN and 2 new clear blue PS-14-KN- sold to ihiryu, shipped
1 mint namco inbox- sold to NiFTY NuGGET
1 used Assembled Cthulhu- sold to krayzied240
1 ps3 namco style case with ps3 board all ready wired up inside - on hold for luckyday- trade plus cash
1 new astro city 2p panel - on hold for EVAWINGZERO
1 ps1 te - sold for rapturedj
1 brand new 360 te and 1 new extended mirror plexi- sold to hyperduel
1 mint ps3 modern warefare 2 - traded to Cynnik
1 ps1/ps2 namco stick - on hold for nifty nugget
1 stock dreamcast hss-0136 - on hold for sonnywortzik
1 se case with sanwa buttons-on hold for kasprfoto
1 finkle case- sold to CO of Runaway7
1 ps3 eye- sold to Smashbro29
1 brand new evo bag- sold to mxdcomplex
6 black sanwa 30mm buttons. 6 clear blue semitsu, 8 clear semitsu, blue bubble top, and 2 1 1 1 set of 24mm blue buttons- sold to RoboGem II
1 new fast and the furious 4 blu ray with digital copy- sold to kRaZzY
1 purple and black case with viewlex layout, and plexi top- sold to COBRA
1 sanwa octo gate - sold to zooo2
1 all sanwa t5- sold to sonnywortzik
1 marvel te case sold to - demonpossessed
1 hrap ex case sold to - demonpossessed
1 hrap ex 360 stick- tradded to NiFTY NuGGET
1 pelican ps2 to ps3 converter- sold to ChiroToB
1 duel modded te- sold to f.d.k
1 boxed. ps1 all sanwa hss-0130- sold to rtdzign
1 hrap 3 all sanwa- sold to bafiaris13
1 mint byrdo ragna case- partial trade vshg with box plus cash to fujifilm
2 joytron 360 converters traded to kasprfoto towards the dc duel modded stick
1 namco joystick - sold to R-Chie
1 te stick with hacked 360 pad- sold to viet
1 used scene it lights camera action- traded to Smashbro29
1 capcom ascii stick- sold to Nefarsus
1 capcom hss-0130 art and inpin -sold to zenblaster
traded hrap 3 pcb and ls-32- to jepjepjep
1 capcom ascii dreamcast optical stick- traded to coolsteel
1 hrap ex se for ps3- sold to RUMBLE82
1 vewlix case made by butter oj with a actual vewlix panel- sold to zenblaster
1 duel modded t5 with wii/gc/ps3 connverter- sold on ebay
1 mint boxed namco-sold on ebay
1 xbox 360 te pcb with all hook ups- sold to Kakitajamie
1 new dark hai meshball- traded to W00P MstR FresH
1 yellow meshball- traded to W00P MstR FresH
1 XBOX 360 GAME LOT OF 28 GAMES - sold on ebay
1 harp 2 all seimitsu- sold to onimusha10154
1 mint vshg sold to- chrisz0r
1 qcf case sold to -GhibliCat
1 namco stick traded to- nightwalker
1 butter oj case traded to- m0o0
1 byrdo and inpin sold to - brentwinsatlife
1 360 vlx sold to JT415Gz
1 halo reach with recon helmet code sold to- Ketchy Kech
1 hori v3 sa sold to- NguyenLm
1 copy of halo reach traded to - mdsfx
1 pelican ps1/ps2 to ps3 converter sold to - Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0
1 halo reach with recon helmet code sold to- sait0u
1 halo reach with recon helmet code sold to- Jabaniz
1 ps3 te- s sold to- rumble82
1 hrap ex traded to- protomanSTi
1 hrap 2 sa with inpin and cubejoybox converters sold to- Marsflash
1 xbox 360 bundle sold on ebay
1 norris case traded to - kasprfoto
1 ps3 se all sanwa sold to- bigbossVII
1 b15 stick traded to- havitz
1 te case sold to- madwak
1 hp mini sold on ebay
1 se an 1 te pcbs sold to - brentwinsatlife
1 coach bag sold on ebay
1 all semitisu xbox 360 se sold to - Mofus
1 og white meshball sold to- eperelez
1 hrap 2 sold to - scientist258
1 north face book bad sold- on ebay
1 dc acii stick case with pcb, jlf, and tvc se buttons traded to- punkpc
1 PS3 10 GAME LOT sold on ebay
1 the north face track jacket black red n white - sold on ebay
1 dreamcast converter and 2 blue clear semitsu buttons sold to- steir
1 ps1 ex2 all seimitsu sold to - obertor
1 psp umd lot sold on ebay
1 ps1 se all sanwa sold to - obertor
1 womens north face extreme sold on ebay
1 duel modded vlx sold to- Eternal Blaze
1 duel modded vshg sold to - Eternal Blaze
1 marvel vs capcom 2 ps3 te sold to - Teachies
1 mas stick traded to- Gonji
11 blu ray lot sold on ebay
1 duel modded se sold on ebay
1 ps3 axisadapter sold to- Chicken Coup
1 360 te sold to- grimstar
1 custom gears of war 360 console case- sold on ebay
1 black ops xbox 360 sold on ebay
1 duel modded t5 sold to - Axl_m4ster
1 nba jeff hamilton jacket sold on ebay
2 mk9 xbox 360 games sold on ebay
1 mk9 ps3 sold on ebay 1 sanwa flash 1 te stick sold to- tuxed0
1 ps3 se all sanwa sold to-ferris23
1 blue nhtran 360 stick traded to- stevetren
1 mwc stick bag sold to - twilight_nova
1 cc fightpad sold to- lefty
1 namco sold to- chenwu2000
1 sanwa flash 1 te stick sold to- tuxedo
1 te keychain sold to - oemor
1 joytron converter sold to - evawingzero
1 xbox live 1 month sold on neo geo forums
1 ps2 t5 with plexi all sanwa sold to - mhinttea
1 finkle case traded to - lazyboy32
1 blue te keychain sold to - cocopah
1 halo 3 xbox 360 faceplate sold to - blindwithonearm
1 halo reach wireless controller sold to - blindwithonearm
1 versus city panel sold to- bernie
1 ps2 t5 with pelican ps3 converter sold to - mhinttea
1 wi exar stick traded to - toodles
1 halo reach 360 wireless controller traded to - toodles
1 dreamcast game lot sold to - jayducky
1 hss-0130 sold to - etalage
1 wireless xbox 360 headset sold to- shadowyamato
1 ps360 sold to - ice berg slim
1 bioshock xbox 360 faceplate sold on ebay
1 small north face gloves sold on ebay
1 red pearl balltop, 1 sanwa 24mm and 1 30mm red buttons sold to - kyjellydonut
1 duel modded namco sold to - networkingyuppy
1 marvel vs capcom 3 for xbox 360 sold to - sixshot1999
1 hrap 2 sold on ebay
1 ascii stick sold to -kuervo
1 namco sold to - fifty8mm
1 duel modded agetec stick sold on ebay
1 yellow pearl balltop sold to vicko
1 red and black north face sold on ebay
1 marvel vs capcom 2 for dreamcast sold to smashbro29
1 snk vs capcom 2 for dreamcast sold to smashbro29
1 te top metal panel sold to - deeptoughts
1 multiconsole vlx with bag sold to - marquezsf
1 ps1 se with converters sold on ebay
1 north face denali fleece sold on ebay
1 hss-0130 with 1 player panel traded to - badboybrazil
1 datel stick traded to - hecks
1 Ps3 te-s sold to itattracts
1 hrap vx -sa traded to zenblaster
1 set of namco buttons sold to poon
1 sanwa aou cowball top traded to -
1 xbox 360 launch faceplate sold on ebay
2 transformer dark of the moon blu rays sold on ebay
1 Xbox 360 carbon fiber hrap ex traded to - zenblaster
1 xbox 360 round 1 te stick sold to - ZYker
1 sonic hat sold to - truckasaurus
1 hori v3sa sold on ebay
1 umvc3 for vita sold to - darksakul
1 bullet soul sold to - afro messiah
1 new uncharted for vita sold on ebay
1 used uncharted vita sold on ebay
1 new wipeout for vita sold on ebay
1 dc ascii stick sold to - kugaii
1 fully populated blast city panel sold to - evawingzero

Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick must have been cheap to sell that quick.
How much was it?

i pm’d you da info :slight_smile:
pics up

good stuff bro, GL with your sale

thanks aj spiderman blu ray sold

added mgs 4 will add more stuff later

Sending PM about PCB


I want your Gears 360 case :stuck_out_tongue:

ha thanks if i sell it ill hit you up added a case will post some faceplates later

paypal’d you for the t5 plexi panel

got it :slight_smile:

if you have any rockets jerseys send me a pm

You taking trades for that swirl case? Check my thread and see if there’s anything you’re interested. I might be able to throw in a little cash depending. got the holidays coming up

yes i do :rock: also have a size 56 mitchell & ness houston astro 2004 all-star jacket :hitit:

also cobra id take that tides that bind disc, also id take mw2 for 360 if you have that, a wii console, and a empty green goblin case as well hit me up

Got the agetec today, thanks!

pm sent regarding t5 faceplate

payment sent for plexi


payment sent for DC stick (agetec).