WTS: SuperHRAP (Portable Supergun) (SOLD!)

I just finished this project up and now it is going on sale to finance other projects:) The basic idea was to fit all of the components of a supergun into a HRAP case, and make it as portable as possible. Enabling the user to travel with it, while carrying the least amount of equipment.

-This is a Hori Tekken 5 case, with new Seimitsu LS-32 stick and PS-15 buttons.

-New Arts Plexi top.

-Astro city artwork was professionally printed on card stock. Dookieemonster claimed credit for the artwork in another thread, so props to him for the awesome work:)

-Standard Jamma wiring.

-CPS2 kick harness is included and pre-wired into harness.

-It has a Wei-Ya arcade power supply, and a RGB to VGA scaler installed inside the case.

-The scaler outputs 640X480, 800X600, 1024X768, and 1366X768.

-Scaler uses the same chip as the HD Box Pro, and works well, with undetectable lag.

-The scaler has RGB adjustments on the board, as well as color and sizing options in the menus.

-The controls for the scaler are on the outside of the case for easy adjustments.

-Power supply uses common PC power supply cable and on/off switch is located just above power plug.

-Has RCA outputs for easily hooking up audio to an amplifier or TV. Has two RCA outputs but is wired for mono sound, which is a Jamma standard.

-Most any Playstation 2 or PSX stick or pad can be plugged in as a second player. This is handled by Tootles new PS2->Neo Geo converter. Thanks for the great work Toodles:)

-Cooling fan installed with intake and exhaust on sides of the case.

-Service and test switches installed for ease of use.

-Adapters could be made for other kick harnesses.

-Project box could be added for using the stick on consoles.

-All components and cables needed to make this setup work can easily fit inside an Evo bag. (not the monitor or game of course)

SOLD! Contact me by PM if you would like a custom one built.

Things I am looking for:

God of War III
MVS single slot
Marvel vs Capcom CPS2
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter CPS2


I’m going to try and anticipate some questions but please ask away.

Q:Does it work on MVS, Naomi, Atomiswave, etc, etc??
A:It is wired for Jamma, it should in theory work with all those systems with the proper adapters and whatnot, but since I don’t have all those systems I can’t test it myself or guarantee it.

Q:WHAT?!!?? You can plug in a Playstation controller or stick for the second player???
A:Yes, most Playstation or Playstation 2 sticks and pads will plug into the cord coming out of the stick, and it will act as a second player. I have not tried every stick or pad so I can’t guarantee yours will work but official pads and sticks, along with Chuthulu boards all work.

Q: What is the button layout for the second player?
X O R2

Q:Does it output anything besides VGA?

Q:Why did you build a Supergun with a VGA output?
A:To make it HDTV compatible with the least amount of lag possible. It is also a lot easier to carry around a LCD monitor instead of a CRT. Works great with my Asus “EVO” monitor.

Q:Does it output stereo?
A:No, there are two RCA outputs, but they are mono. The idea was just to make it easier to plug into a TV or amp.

Q:What if I want stereo sound?
A:Some systems such as CPS2 and 3 have stereo outputs right on the system, you can use those.

Q:What if I hook up a MVS setup, will it have stereo then?
A:No, it will never output stereo sound, it should in theory work with the MVS system but the sound would be mono just like the Jamma system. This is untested, because I currently do not have a MVS system.

Q:Is -5 volts hooked up to the Jamma output?

Q:Is the +5 volts adjustable?
A:Yes, there is an adjustment knob and display inside the stick that can be adjusted. A hole could be drilled in the case for easier access of the knob with a screwdriver.

Q:Can I plug a board directly into the stick?
A:No, a special extension cable is included with the stick and is needed to hook up the board to the stick.

Q:Will it work with X,Y,Z game?
A:I don’t know, it should if the game is a Jamma standard game. I have only tested it with a few random Jamma boards and a CPS2 setup.

Q:Are any of the cables included?
A:The only cable included is the Jamma extension cable, you will need to supply your own VGA, RCA, and PC power cable.

Q:What are all those buttons for?
A:The two buttons above the Jamma input are for test and service. The single button below the RCA jacks is to change the input for the scaler,(should not be used). The three buttons in the stop light configuration are the controls for the scaler. The two reds are “up” and “down”, while the black button is for “menu/enter”.

Q:$400?!?!?! Why so much money??
A:Start adding up the parts and it becomes obvious.

A: Absolutely not!

Holy shit that is aweseom!!!

Man I have been wanting to do this for along time…but i haver never seen it done…I must say thats seriously superb work

Amazing, man. I wouldn’t have thought all the parts would even fit.

One of the coolest builds I’ve seen in a while. good luck with the sale.

Does the power supply have -5v connected? I just know for some PCB’s and the Hyper NeoGeo you gotta have that going. This is amazing work, I really like this. Makes my supergun look pretty ordinary.

That is awesome!

Yes, -5v is connected.

dam the only thing that could be bosser then this was it on a hss-0130

So DAMNED cool. Beautiful stuff Rob.

Damn that would be the shit if someone did that.

How the hell did you drill those ventilation holes on the sides of the case so perfectly? That rules.

Maybe bosser, but nowhere near as impressive. There are a bunch of people who do superguns in dual stick configs, it’s a lot easier since there’s so much more room to play with. This freakin’ thing still astounds me, if I wasn’t saving up to buy a place I’d be on this in a heartbeat!

If I didn’t have so many joysticks already, I’d be probably buy it. But, I’m only looking for just a standalone Supergun unit.

Very nice sg. Definitley a plus having that vga output. Is there a knob to control the voltage like the sigma? Its nice to reduce the sound of the fan on some of these boards, especially atomiswave and cps2.

You might die laughing if I told you.

Exactly, building a supergun out of a two player stick would have been too easy, not as portable, and would have made it WAY more expensive. This project was a challenge for myself, more than anything else.

Yes, the power supply has voltage adjustment and display on it. You have to open the stick to get to it however.

Alright, now you have to tell us.

No really, even if it’s really obscenely fucking complicated, I’d love to know. It’s always nice to know other people’s techniques.

[edit] Though I admit, I will probably laugh if all you did was simply line up a grid and drill every individual hole really carefully.

It was actually surprisingly easy, and you will just be mad that you did not think of it:)

I think we all know that this is almost impossible to do, and make it look nice. After it sells I’ll put up some pics of how I did it.

Offers?? Trades??

Things I am looking for:

God of War III
MVS single slot
Marvel vs Capcom CPS2
Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter CPS2