WTS: Street Fighter 3rd Strike PCB Setup!

I am selling my 3rd strike PCB,CD rom W/ CD Complete package ready for Plug and play with Jamma.!
Suicide battery JUST changed.

I am selling it for $**320 Shipped **FIRM.

Get back to me ASAP!


(Stock photo! but it’;s the same exact same thing)

Below is the cabinet I am taking it from. converting to a mame cab and such for SSFIV AE on PC.

You sure you want to sell this? 3SO will get hype.

Is this 990512?

Is this the US, Jpn or Asia version?

This is the Asia version!

I am converting the cabinet! so I don’t have a use for it.

Anyone interested!?

Price DROP!!

try neo geo forms will prob sell quicker there cab as well

They must have a wait time… Cannot post on the market!

Maybe 5 post or something I believe