WTS: Sticks

Soujistiks custom PS360 Brazilian Ebony Case with LED buttons:


The light up stick has been removed and replaced with a JLF. I am asking $330 shipped.

I am also looking for a 360 VLX, willing to work on a trade for the Souji custom.

A deal fell through a long while ago with a friend who was using these, they are still in good condition.

PS3 VLX: sold

PS3 Tekken 6 Wireless: removed
PS3 Chun: Sold

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Collectors Edition Game(X360): The Shuma/Jill code has been used, the Marvel Comics one has not, but I think it expires soon. There is the stickers from EB Games, not sure if that was from them or the game. Also, the guidebook will be included. Asking 60 dollars for everything.

i’d so buy the VLX if it was for Xbox 360…mind holding it for me until I can research if it’s dual modable from PS3 to PS3/Xbox 360?

It’s dual moddable, but not as cleanly as the 360 version with Toodles’s Kitty Board.

You’d basically be using the VLX shell with a PS360 or Chimp chip inside… or the Paewang.

The VLX is amazing, good luck with the sale, and that custom is classy =)

alright, Trugoy convinced me (not that i needed that much convincing in the first place) Pm’d you Yusuka. Seems like i keep buying all your stuff…lol.

Mod edit: Good, then Gtfo.

Yeah, I never agreed to sell it to you though, you wanted to see more pictures and no money ever changed hands. Your lowball offer on a VLX months ago and the way you acted made me hesitant to want to sell to you. Like I said, I am sorry that I won’t be selling to you, but I did offer a good deal on the custom.

Next time you take it to mods which you obviously didn’t do so don’t give me that “it doesn’t work” bullshit.
No money got exchanged which means you have no reason to complain. Also there are rules on shitting in threads. I hope when you say you ragequit SRk that means all of SRK. If not you’re welcome to pull that shit again to make sure you don’t back.

Sorry guys, nothing to see here, keep selling.

you beat me to it val!

I really enjoy that Report Post option. Makes our job so much easier.

Added a picture and dropped prices.

heyyy what!?

can you give me soem more info on the chun li stick? is it available for 360? are they still in print or do I need to track one down by other means?

Yeah, there is some for 360. I couldn’t find it on Madcatz website, but I know I bought it there a while back. I had to have it shipped to a friend, and then have him ship it to me in Canada. But now Canada Cup Gaming carries some on their website.


I don’t know if they do shipping to Cali, you may have to look around for other places selling them.

thanks. I have a MvC2 TE and love it so I’m going to have to get a hold of one of these fairly soon.

PM’ed about the Chun Li stick

Lowered price, added MvC3 Collectors.