WTS Sticks/Arcade Parts/PCB's Updated 9/26

New items-

Red Meshball- $12 shipped

Sega Saturn Controller (gray)/Sega Saturn Mouse (gray)- $25 for both + shipping

Old items-


Sega Saturn Sticks-$5 each + shipping

pm sent

I’d like to buy that hfs3 please :slight_smile:

ibeatu u have been pmed
av2k send me a pm with your info

SS Virtua Stick - please tell me you still have it!! if so i’ll pay immediately via paypal

also how much for the stick and agetec dc pcb?

White Virtua Stick has been sold

if you had told me you didnt want your fs3 i wouldve knocked off some of the price to do your mod for it.
GL with sale

is the agetec PCB still available?

dogworth youve been pmed

the Hori Fighting Stick 3 has been sold everything else is still available

the PM i tried to send is not showing in my outbox, so i don’t know if you got it.
my zip is 46112.

i’ll take it, PM your paypal info. thanks.

Agetec PCB sold…everything else still available+ price drop.

Final Price Drop.

Updated OP.

PM’d regarding Seimitsu stuff.

interested in HRAP3 case. awaiting pix =)

Pmd about HRAP 3 can pay today.

Pics added. PM’s sent.

PMd about HRAP

can you ship to Canada?