WTS:Silent Madcatz TE Blazblue


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Fightstick Tournament Limited Edition - PlayStation 3 Fully silent with Hori Hayabusa lever modded with Omron silent switches.$100 shipped (like new)

*All sticks will be shipped after disassembling JLF shaft to fit in flat box for priority mail.

Avermedia Live Gamer HD C985 (Internal Capture Card) Works perfectly $70 Shipped SOLD

HRAP -Xbox 360 ** $60 shipped** SOLD

Madcatz OG TE PS3 - Xbox 360 $80 shipped (like new) SOLD

Madcatz SF4 TE-S PS3 - Chun Li $120 shipped SOLD

PM sent

Price dropped (removed 2 x dark blue 24mm for personal use)

Added Hayabusa microswitch kit and 2 Phreakmods USB tool

Are you willing to sell the Dark Hai separately, if so how used are they?

How much for the Hayabusa microswitch kit?

@Moonchilde @kazuyafan94
Everything listed with the exception of one of the USB tools is new. Unfortunately at this time I am only willing to sell as a package to avoid multiple trips to PO.

But if you calculate shipping at around $10, JLF at $20 your looking at around $1 per item but only listed this low for bulk/quick sale.

I still want the 8 Dark Hai buttons if you ever separate

I would like the USB repair kits… also if you decide to break up the bundle.


Free bump for a cool seller on SRK!!! GLWS @TAUNT

I’ll take it all. Can you take a final picture of everything included?

Ok, I get back tomorrow I’ll post a picture by Thursday at the latest.

@shinJN PM sent

all items currently unclaimed, parts lot unofficially held for @ShinJN

Parts lot SOLD to @ShinJN

Smooth transaction. Thank you TAUNT

Added 4 fightsticks

Hori EX sold to @Explorer200

@TAUNT do you have boxes as well for the BB and Chun sticks?

I do but it would cost a bit more for shipping, if you were to buy both I might consider doing some sort of a package deal w/boxes included.

#ripmadcatz maybe I should keep these sticks as collectors items :expressionless: